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5 Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Active Seniors

June 17, 2019 • Fenny Peiffer

House Keeping

The heat of summer may be descending on us, but you need to consider getting your home ready for fall. Ok, so fall is not here yet, but, I believe in being ready for it and planning ahead. Seasonal home maintenance is necessary if you wish to keep your home at its best. Plus, this helps avoid costly repairs and maintenance in the future. So, here I am getting ready for fall, although my husband and children are teasing me as to why I am doing so while it’s still summer. I believe you should consider it too. I have provided some tips for you for fall maintenance so that you can plan ahead like me.

Roof and Gutter Inspection

When summer is over, you should get someone to remove all the debris and leaves from the gutters and downspouts and have it inspected for water runoff. You can consider putting in leaf guards so that water is directed away from your home. This avoids possible leaks. Check your roof for misplaced tiles and replace them, as well as, shingles.

Prevent Drafts

Your next concern should be given to the inspection of doors and windows. Do you detect any drafts? If so, add in weather stripping and repair any broken doors or windows. If you don’t do this, expect high energy bills. Proper insulation ensures that your home keeps the cold away which means your heating cost will reduce significantly.

Consider your Fireplace

The last time you used your fireplace would be approximately 6 to 7 months ago. So, check this out before winter is on your shoulders. You may require the help of a professional chimney sweep. Get rid of old ash and ensure the damper is closed securely. Cap the chimney to prevent any animals from getting into your home. You may be benefited by considering an electric fireplace. They are as good as the natural fireplaces and come with energy-saving benefits.

Filters and Hot Water Heaters

If you don’t have an energy-efficient water heater, its time you did. If not, your bills could be exorbitant. Take the time to drain your hot water tank as this prevents rusting. Replace the filters of your heating system and other vents.

Smoke Detectors

This, of course, should be done regularly, irrespective of the seasonal changes. Replace the batteries in all your smoke detectors and ensure that they work properly. Check fire extinguishers for expiry dates and replace if needed.

Now you have a few tips on maintaining your home for the upcoming cold months ahead. You really need to take a look at all these come ends of September at the latest. Doing so will save you money and aggravation. Trust me on this. I didn’t check on this last year and I paid a good amount of time and money attending to it while leaks in the walls gave us unsightly fungus patches and aggravated our asthma! So, I say, don’t postpone your house maintenance action till a problem strikes you down.

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