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5 Questions to Ask Before Picking a Retirement Community

November 18, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

Questions to Ask Before Picking a Retirement Community

Moving to an active adult community can be a fun and exciting experience. This means new adventures are around the corner. Although you may be sad to leave your home, there is a sense of expectation that may override these feelings. Normally, your move to an active adult community should go smoothly with almost no worries. While this is what we hope your experience would be, we still suggest caution and advise you to ask your agent a few questions before signing the contract.


What are the Restrictions regarding Age?

Many active adult communities are age-restricted. This means the residents in this community should be over a specific age. Most communities have an age limit of over 50. However, this can be a bit of a dilemma if you have a younger spouse or if your 35-year-old son is living with you. So, to avoid any unpleasantness, we recommend that you ask your agent this question and clarify it before signing on any dotted lines.


What are the Rules and Regulations about Living in the Community?

Apart from the age-restriction rule, there are many other rules and regulations about living in a community. However, do not be put off by these rules. All you have to do is, once again, ask your agent. Ask about the types of modifications you can do to your home, rules about pets, parking, etc. You will be able to find all the rules of the community printed on the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R) form for the community. You should also ask your agent for a copy of the CC&R.


What are the Recreational Facilities in the Community?

You move into a community not only because of the home but also because of the amenities and recreational facilities provided by the community. For example, if you are an avid golfer, it is pointless to look at communities where golfing is not provided. Similarly, consider a community where you can make the most of the amenities that you like. Don’t go for a community that promotes arts & crafts when you are an outdoors person who likes to bike. Fear not, though, as many communities these days cater to the requirements of the majority of active seniors. So, it will be easy to find a community that caters to your requirements.


How Popular is the Community with the Seniors?

Some communities are more popular than others. Although the price is a major factor for many seniors, sometimes, lifestyle and other perks also draw them in. Make sure your community is a popular one and find out why your community is popular.


Are the Homes Practical and are they Affordable?

When selecting a home, consider a home that is comfortable for you. Don’t ask about homes that are beyond your budget. Don’t ask about homes that are too large for you to look after. You will regret it for the rest of your life if you spend your life’s savings on a large house that you cannot maintain. Ask your agent about homes with open spaces, single-story living (if possible), lots of bay windows with natural lighting, and wall-to-wall carpeting. These are just some of the practical features of a senior home.

Now that, you are aware of these possible grey areas, don’t be shy about asking about it your agent. Their job is to ensure that you get what you are looking for so, they will be more than happy to assist.

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