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Ageless Living in the City of Roses

September 22, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer

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Portland, Oregon has it all for Baby Boomers and beyond. This city is vibrant, and trendy with a youthful vibe that’s hard to beat. Pedestrian-friendly with a walkable downtown, convenient public transit, and high ranking medical facilities make Portland the perfect spot to age in place. Boasting amenity-rich 55+, and age-targeted communities such as Claremont, and King City, this thriving Northwest destination is gaining in popularity amongst retirees looking for an active outdoorsy lifestyle. You want a city to grow old with you, and Portland is designed to do just that.

In April of 2012, Portland joined the AARP list of members dedicated to creating a community suitable for all ages. An action plan initiated by the Age-Friendly Portland Advisory Council included citywide upgrades, and improvements such as community gardens, outdoor recreation areas near senior housing developments, and accessible public transport. The aim of an age-friendly community is not just providing resources within 55+ communities themselves, but having services, and amenities available throughout the surrounding area.

Highly efficient public transit makes getting around this city a breeze. The Tri-Met system that includes bus services, light, and commuter rails provides accessible transportation for everyone. With reduced fares for seniors, and equipped to accommodate wheelchairs, or someone with limited mobility, exploring Portland is made easy without needing to get behind the wheel.

Portland’s Parks and Recreation program offers an extensive catalog geared toward seniors with activities ranging from guided hikes, dance, and fitness classes, music, and educational courses. Boomers and retirees have access to some of the best cultural venues such as the Portland Art Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Craft or they can try their own hand at acrylic or watercolor in one of the many art classes offered.

55+ and senior living in this neck of the woods is anything but laid back unless you want it to be. With over 152 trails that weave through lush scenery, Hikers, and bikers can customize their trek to meet individual fitness goals. Downtown areas are specially aged friendly with plenty of walkable tax-free shopping, outdoor seating areas, and accommodations for mobility devices.

According to the Census Bureau, seniors made up six percent of Oregon’s population in 2015, and urban retirement in Portland is where folks are headed to turn back the clock.

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