How to Celebrate Independence Day!

July 1, 2014 • Fenny Peiffer


July is upon us! You know what this means… Take out the barbeque grills, shop for hotdogs and hamburgers and get ready to watch the fireworks on the greatest day of all – the Fourth of July! So, what will you be doing this Independence Day? Here are some ideas…..

Hang up the Flag – This is a must. Show your love and loyalty for the country by displaying the flag. However, you cannot just hang the flag in any way you wish. There are rules about these things. Find out what they are before you display the flag.

Have a Barbeque in the Backyard – If you have garden space, invite a few of your friends and neighbors and have a backyard barbeque. This is a tradition you should not miss out on. If you are unable to manage on your own, organize it with a few friends and each one can pitch in to make this Fourth of July the best ever.

Watch a Parade – Most towns and cities celebrate the Fourth of July with a parade. If your city or town is having one, don’t miss it. This is one of the best ways to show patriotism, and its fun! You can mingle with other people and have a really good time.

Baseball! – This is the season for it! It is also a great way to avoid the lethargy that will come after a good barbeque. Gather a group of your buddies and play ball or hire a large screen TV and watch a game.

Go to a Festival – The Fourth of July, in any state, is the time for festivals and fairs. Art festivals, balloon festivals, air show festivals, you name it. Fairs will include a variety of rides, skill games, food and more fun. So, if you have not planned anything this fourth, find out where the nearest fair or festival is and enjoy it.

Watch the Fireworks – This is a tradition which has been carried forward through generations. The awe, the spirit and the feelings the fireworks display will bring in you will be different every time. So, sum up your Fourth of July by watching the fireworks display in your neighborhood.

There are just four days to go. If you haven’t planned your celebrations, hurry or you will miss out!

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