Retiring in Arizona: Exploring the Allure of Arizona

January 15, 2024 • Fenny Peiffer

Downtown Phoenix Arizona cityscape at dusk

Welcome to our 2-part blog series on retiring in the Grand Canyon State, Arizona. This first post will discuss Arizona’s highlights, the real estate market, healthcare facilities, senior-friendly activities, and the cost of living.


Arizona Highlights

Arizona, a state renowned for its unparalleled scenic beauty, offers retirees a constant adventure at every turn. From the awe-inspiring depths of the majestic Grand Canyon to the vibrant hues of Sedona’s red rocks, the landscape presents breathtaking views that never cease to amaze.

Not only does Arizona boast a warm climate, perfect for those seeking respite from the harsh winters of the northern states, but it also offers a myriad of cultural experiences. Influenced by Native American, Mexican, and Western traditions, the state’s rich tapestry of heritage adds vibrancy and diversity to the retiree’s life. Discover the captivating art, music, and cuisine that embody the spirit of Arizona, creating a vibrant backdrop for your retirement journey.


Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Arizona is diverse, with options ranging from affordable retirement communities to luxurious resort-style living. When searching for your perfect retirement home, consider proximity to healthcare facilities, local amenities, and your preferred landscape, whether that be mountain views or desert vistas.

Trilogy Communities by Shea Homes

Trilogy at Verde River by Shea Homes Golf Club

Trilogy at Verde River by Shea Homes Golf Club

Trilogy Communities by Shea Homes is redefining retirement living, offering customized amenities and contemporary architectural designs set against the backdrop of Arizona’s breathtaking natural beauty. Explore the list below to uncover a selection of stunning 55+ Trilogy Communities by Shea Homes in Arizona.


Healthcare Facilities

Arizona offers top-quality healthcare facilities, many of which are specialized in senior care. High-rated hospitals and numerous healthcare providers ensure retirees have access to the best healthcare services.


Senior-Friendly Activities

Arizona is teeming with activities suitable for seniors. Golf courses, hiking trails, art galleries, and cultural events provide a range of social and recreational options to keep you active and engaged.


Cost of Living

Arizona’s cost of living is relatively affordable compared to the national average, especially in terms of housing. However, it is always advisable to plan your finances carefully and consider all potential costs, including healthcare and lifestyle expenses.

In the next post, we will delve deeper into living the retiree life in Arizona, exploring top retirement communities, the beneficial climate for retirees, and a balanced discussion on the pros and cons of retiring in Arizona. So, stay tuned!

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