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Trilogy at Power Ranch, Featuring Realtor Sharon Somerville

April 24, 2013 • Fenny Peiffer

Trilogy at Power Ranch

Here’s a secret – perhaps one that you already know! Quite often, blog entries about – well, virtually anything, are simply just another way to sell one’s product. And instead of being written from an organic and subjective point of view, they’re likely paid for by a marketing company hiring overseas writers for pennies on the dollar. It’s just the world we live in, right? And so, short of investigating for ourselves, we rely on the writer in hopes of being accurate and informative – and maybe, even entertaining!

This blog entry is about Trilogy at Power Ranch, a 55+ age-restricted active adult golf community located in Gilbert Arizona. Sure, I can tell you about having access to a wide variety of amenities, clubs and activities, fine dining, and convenient shopping experiences. I might even mention that Trilogy is in essence like living at a resort!

With its friendly clubhouse, two swimming pools and a spa, four tennis courts, fully equipped fitness center, cyber café, computer lab, and a multitude of arts, crafts, and activities that are available to all residents, well, sort of jumping a plane for the tropics what more could you want?

Nope. I’m not gonna do that. Instead, I spoke to actual residents to get a feel for what REALLY makes Trilogy at Power Ranch a wonderful place to live. Not features and benefits, not even the great floor plans – but the sense of community, pride, and belonging. What did I learn?

Well, for starters, even though it’s an active adult retirement community, many residents still work! After all, you can’t play golf EVERY day – right? I also learned that up to 20% of their age-qualified residents can be as young as 45! What this means is that plenty of forward-thinking baby boomers are already planning ahead and getting their retirement homes dialed in now!

Here’s something that I found to be awesome! With many residents coming in from all over the US and Canada, there are “dining clubs” where people from say, New York regularly get together for a meal at each other’s homes! Hmmm . . . as a native Washingtonian, I’d look forward to some Alder Plank Salmon and complaints about the Mariners baseball team.

I heard about events like concerts, line dancing, craft fairs, community garage sales, and more. Oh – there’s also a brand new airport in nearby Mesa! No more spending $65 for the shuttle to Sky Harbor in Phoenix! I also kept hearing about homeowners’ pride in their community.

Probably the thing that struck me the most was the constant mention of a local charity that the residents are actively involved in supporting: The House of Refuge. Living in a resort-style community like Trilogy at Power Ranch is a privilege. Yes, you’ve worked hard and deserve to own a beautiful home and enjoy your life. But these are tough times for some – and the collective level of concern, support, and love shown for those who are struggling – well, that’s what community is all about – isn’t it?

If you have been searching active living communities to find your perfect retirement nest then Sharon Somerville (your Trilogy at Power Ranch resident Realtor specialist) will suggest that you look no further. And you know what? I agree! It is, without a doubt one of the finest over 55 communities in Arizona.

Bob Sluys

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