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UMH Properties for all your Manufactured Home Needs

June 14, 2013 • Fenny Peiffer

Pine Manor

Many builders come and go, but some remain steadfast and true. This is because these builders earn a reputation as builders who build homes high in quality and durability. It is quite possible that some seniors may not know what to look for in a builder when selecting a home. These builders should be reputed, experienced, build quality homes with all the requirements of active adults. One builder who has earned a reputation of being all these and more is UMH Properties.

What is UMH Properties?

United Mobile Homes Inc. now known as UMH Properties was founded in the 1960s by Eugene Landy. Mobile homes proved to be a great success for the company although this era of success ended with the enactment of the HUD Code. Since then, UMH turned its sights to building homes and, in 1985, became a public company developing, managing and expanding manufactured housing communities. At the time the company went public, in 1985, they owned 13 communities consisting of 2,675 home sites. Today, UMH owns 68 communities and approximately 12,800 home sites. Furthermore, they own 810 acres of land which will be developed into new home sites. Their subsidiary, UMH Sales and Finance Inc. sell manufactured homes to UMH communities. If you need a new home, you should consider UMH. UMH is known for delivering quality, affordable homes set in a friendly community lifestyle. With over 45 years of experience, UMH Properties has grown into a developer that can be trusted to provide you with excellent homes.

Quality Manufactured Homes by UMH

UMH Properties have communities in New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Homes in these communities are solidly built and reliable providing home owners value for money and peace of mind necessary to live out their days without any worries. If you need to consider the quality and durability of manufactured homes by UMH Properties, you should visit Pine Manor in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This is a community with one-floor living with two or three bedroom floor plans. Owned by UMH Properties, this community provides seniors the best of retirement living. Another UMH community worth mentioning is Highland Estates in Landenberg, Pennsylvania. This community features over 200 homes set in a beautiful, scenic area where seniors can enjoy their retirement in peace and tranquility with the right amount of activity.

Why Choose UMH Homes?

Although you may visit a number of communities by UMH, you may still wonder why you should select this builder for your home. You should select UMH Properties as your builder because their goal is to ensure that you own a durable and reliable home in a stable and happy community so that you can enjoy your life free of worries.

So, are you looking for a community of manufactured homes? Look no further than UMH Properties. Make an appointment with one of their representatives today and find out what community is right for you.

More UMH Properties communities can be perused by visiting our website®. This website will show you all the popular communities by UMH Properties.

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