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​Why You Won’t Need a Gym Membership in Aurora

October 12, 2018 • Fenny Peiffer

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Colorado is home to an avid crowd of recreationists who’s license plate frames have one thing in common. They’d rather be skiing, golfing, boating, hiking, or anything else that indulges their spirit of adventure. Voted “The Most Active City in America” by,  Aurora’s baby boomers are getting in their 10,000 steps (and then some), but then again,  standing in the shadow of the mighty Rockies is bound to inspire some serious motivation.  Twenty minutes south of Denver, Colorado’s third largest city has a reputation for outstanding quality of living, unbridled nature, and when it comes to experiencing that Rocky Mountain  High, the options are endless.

There’s Room to Roam

The first thing you’ll learn when you move to Aurora is your backyard goes on for miles. With over 5,000 acres of wide open space and 97 parks including everyone’s favorite, Cherry  Creek State Park, treadmill doldrums are history. From morning jogs to strapping a kayak to the roof of the car, outdoor recreation is infinite. Aurora Reservoir is a popular spot for any type of activity whether its scuba diving, canoeing, or cycling along a waterfront trail, while Quincy  Reservoir offers an urban playground with a 5-mile trail and plenty of serene fishing areas. If packing a pair of binoculars is more your style, abundant nature preserves from the Sand Creek  Riparian and Ponderosa Preserve to the sweeping prairie of Plains Conservation Center show  off the diversity of Aurora’s natural habitat.

Aurora Digs Golf

It’s no secret that Aurora loves a challenge, especially when championship golf is involved.  Home to nearly a dozen public and private courses from the Arthur Hills designed Heritage  Eagle Bend, and Heather Ridge Golf Club (voted one of Colorado’s top 15 by Golf Advisor) to  innovations like Top Golf Centennial putting a new spin on a classic, going “clubbing” in this  town is undoubtedly better at over 5,000 feet. In addition to hosting events like the Colorado  Open, and offering ambitious executive fairways to savvy golf pros, Aurora’s panoramic courses  also provide lessons to anyone with big dreams of driving home a straight shot.

This Town is Sports-Centric

Whether you’re cheering on the Denver Broncos or watching a Colorado Avalanche hockey  game, being next door to the Mile High City is a dream for any pro-sports fan, but if you want in  on the action, Aurora has you covered. Meet up groups like the Baby Boomer Social Club makes  sure everyone is a team player with opportunities to join a flag football league, step up to the  softball plate or participate in a variety of sports programs including racquet sports like tennis,  and pickleball. Rugby to Lacrosse, Aurora Sports Park is a fantastic multi-use complex for  major league tournaments or casual game plays featuring 12 baseball fields, and 27 soccer  fields, along with professional level amenities that cater to athletes of all skill levels.

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