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4 Signs Why You Should Consider Assisted Living Care

August 5, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

Signs Why You Should Consider Assisted Living Care

A host of problems arise with age. One of these is considering whether you should consider assisted living care. Your inability to live alone may not be so prominent to you. However, your family members may see it, and this can cause them to worry. If you find your children visiting you more often than they did, it is time to think about the reason they are doing so. Here’s how you decide whether you should consider assisted living care.


  • Unsafe Homes – As you age, your home, which you have been living in for your whole life becomes unsafe. Stairways, slippery tiles, and tall shelves, etc. are all potential health risks. Even your garden’s uneven terrain can be dangerous. All these factors, and your ability to look after yourself, worry your loved ones. You can give some relief to your loved ones and consider assisted living care. Here, you get round-the-clock care and get to stay independent.
  • Physical Impairment – Certain illnesses are easy to manage, and you may do that well. However, there are other illnesses that make it difficult for you to live alone. For example, having Parkinson’s disease or kidney failure requires round-the-clock care, which your family may not be able to provide. Think about it. Are your loved ones spending more time at the doctor’s with you than they do in their own homes? If so, it is time you admitted you are unable to live alone.
  • Decrease in Personal Hygiene – Sometimes, advanced age or dementia may cause you to pay less attention to your personal hygiene and appearance. Various other problems related to the aging process, such as incontinence and the inability to dress may cause you to become frustrated. These frustrations may cause you to pay less attention to your appearance. It can also cause depression. If you feel any of these things, you should consider assisted living care.
  • Alzheimer’s disease – Alzheimer’s affects more than 5 million Americans. This disease affects memory, judgment, and perception. Alzheimer’s affects not only the affected person but also his/her loved ones. It’s a progressive, fatal disease. If your doctor diagnoses you with early onset Alzheimer’s, you should make plans and consider assisted living care before you become a burden on your family.

It may not be easy considering assisted living care. However, it may benefit you overall. It is something that benefits your loved ones. So, consider assisted living care as this takes away a major burden from your loved ones.

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