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55+ Communities are Redefining Retirement

March 13, 2023 • Fenny Peiffer

55+ Communities are Redefining Retirement

Baby Boomers, eager to enjoy their retirement years, are driving the surge of 55+ communities popping up across the United States. Unlike traditional retirement communities, these new-age developments are attractive to a younger demographic who is looking for an enhanced lifestyle. I recently spoke with a successful executive who had bought himself a home in such an active adult community – providing evidence this trend is here to stay and will continue to influence the housing market. Clearly, the Baby Boomers aren’t slowing down anytime soon!


Enjoy Fitness and Relaxation in Luxurious Settings

Active adult communities are no longer the homogenous neighborhoods of the past. They are now offering many resort-style amenities to their residents, who are typically aged 55 and over. Fitness is a priority for this demographic, and most developments come equipped with modern fitness centers, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, and hiking trails. This active lifestyle does not come at the expense of comfort; many of these communities also feature luxurious landscaping, relaxing green spaces, and inviting social areas that allow for connections between neighbors. With all these amenities available, it’s no wonder why active adult communities have become increasingly popular in recent years.


Option for Homebuyers

Active adult communities are a great option for homebuyers looking for something different. Homebuyers have the option to choose from a wide variety of floor plans, lot sizes, and locations. Many of these homes boast spacious living areas, gourmet-style kitchens, and large backyards that exceed 2000 square feet. Plus, these communities often offer an impressive list of luxurious amenities including clubhouses, pools, spas, fitness centers, and much more – truly giving buyers ample opportunities to live their best life in their prime years!


Socialize, Connect With Neighbors, and Stay Close to Loved Ones

Many adults looking to move have found that active communities bring new opportunities for socialization. From joining local clubs and attending events to forming meaningful relationships with neighbors, there is something for everyone within these enclaves. Not only does this kind of environment encourage community building and positive energy, but it also allows families to stay close together even when far apart. With so many options scattered across the country, there is no need to sacrifice the lifestyle of choice in order to be near loved ones.

Retirement isn’t the ending point of life anymore, and this is especially true for those in their mid-50s and up. People are living longer, healthier lives that are full of energy and excitement. Take my dad, for example; at 66 years old he’s always on the go, traveling, learning new things, staying active through workouts, and anything else he can fit into his day. He’s well versed in technology, ensuring any new information or trends don’t go unnoticed by him. It’s clear that growing old has become a thing of the past as people push forward with an attitude of “what next” instead of “what now?”

Are you looking to live your best life? is the top destination for over 8,500 active adult communities! From gated retirement villages to luxury getaways, and everything in between, this is your one-stop shop for discovering the perfect place to call home. With stunning amenities and breathtaking surroundings, these communities are perfect for those who are looking to enjoy leisure activities and social amenities while living an active lifestyle. Enjoy all of the advantages of living in a secure and vibrant place with a home that suits your individual needs. Experience the freedom of choice and tailor your new home with options such as customizable floor plans, garages, energy-efficient features and so much more! Make the most out of your golden years with today!

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