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55+ Communities Put Home Safety First

March 21, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer


From smartphone surveillance to advanced security systems, home safety technology has evolved well beyond posting Beware of Dog, and No Trespassing signs. While no neighborhood is immune to burglaries, active adult communities tend to be more secure than traditional neighborhoods with built-in safety measures that offer peace of mind as a major selling point.

Gated communities provide excellent security that keeps them exclusive to residents, and invited guests. Guarded entrances are ideal, but the jury is out on whether passcode operated gates are as safe as they claim. Unless someone is on duty 24/7 the risk of passwords being shared with those outside of the community is a concern. On the upside, gated entrances help prevent unnecessary traffic, unwanted solicitors, and minimize potential vandalism.

Neighborhood Watch is a tried, and true security system where looking out for one another has been brought back from obscurity. Neighbors generally know each other’s living habits, and can often spot anything unusual from a door being left open, to an unfamiliar vehicle parked on a property. Many communities designate a neighborhood watch committee to monitor activity and report anything out of the ordinary to community managers, or the appropriate authorities.

There is safety in numbers. Multi-unit dwellings can offer a greater sense of security than a free standing home thanks to a close knit environment. Even when someone is away on vacation, the building is still occupied making it a less desirable target. Some 55+ apartment communities provide bonus security features including front desk concierge service, gated parking garages, and on site security personnel.

Consider asking a friend or neighbor to collect mail, water plants, and keep an eye on things. Home intruders are less likely to plan a break in if they see someone in, and out of the home regularly. A great tip from is not sharing your big getaway plans on social media. Unless you’re planning on a digital detox, announcing that your home will be abandoned for a period of time could be an invitation for an unsolicited open house.

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