55+ Healthy Living – Walking That Extra Mile

June 24, 2021 • Fenny Peiffer

55+ Healthy Living - Walking That Extra Mile

Exercise is a major health booster and essential for seniors who wish to lead a healthy life. Yes, it’s true that exercise is good for you whether you are 8 or 80, but at 80 you will realize the benefits it brings to you while when we are young, we hardly realize the need for it. One of the best methods of exercising is walking. Walking, at a brisk pace, for at least half an hour a day has significant health improvements. It is an ideal form of cardio exercise that can be engaged in, even when you have various health concerns. For you, as an active adult, the health benefits of walking are immense.


Benefits of Walking

So, what are the benefits of walking? There are many. For one thing, walking, as with other regular forms of exercise, strengthens your heart and lungs. This helps you breathe easier and increases your overall health. With a proper diet and other exercise plans, you can also lose weight and tone your muscles. Walking increases muscle endurance and strength, especially in your lower body. It is good for your bones and prevents osteoporosis and improves blood circulation. Need any more information? This should suffice, right? But there is more… Walking is a low-impact exercise. So, instead of jogging, you can consider walking and minimizing your risk of injury. Furthermore, walking, at a brisk pace, burns the same number of calories as you jog or run. Besides its health advantages, walking is also low in cost. All you need is to invest in a good pair of shoes and some exercise gear, and an umbrella for rainy days, and you are good to go.

Walking is not only beneficial physically, but it is also beneficial mentally. Nothing is more relaxing than walking along a beautiful forest trail or along the beach and listening to the sound of the waves and the seagulls. These are extremely good stress relievers. Good mental health can also be had by walking with a companion. If you are not an exercise person, walking with a friend will make the time pass faster. You can also consider getting involved in a local walking club. You may find yourself walking for a cause and feeling proud of your endeavors.


Where to Walk

Walking as an exercise can be done anywhere. Your friendly neighborhood, park or high school track, oceanfront, etc. are great places for walking. Keep to safe areas when walking. You don’t want to try new routes just yet. However, after a few weeks, you can try hilly areas that can strengthen your cardiovascular health. You do not have to walk alone for exercise. If you don’t have the time to walk today, just walk to the grocery store for your purchases instead of taking the car. That should be enough exercise for you. Make sure your purchases are not too heavy though!

One especially important note to all seniors who wish to walk that extra mile always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. Walking is a fun way to stay healthy. Why not try it today?

Many active adult communities across the United States are well equipped for the lives of healthy active adults. These communities are built with your health in mind. Therefore, these communities have gymnasiums, tennis courts, golf courts, swimming pools, and bicycling and walking trails. Here are some randomly picked active lifestyle senior communities for you to browse through:

All these communities provide you with numerous opportunities and facilities to exercise including walking trails. Why not visit our website for more information on more than 8,500 communities? Your life will get healthier and better with a move to an active adult community.

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