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6 Money Saving Tips for Active Seniors

January 4, 2023 • Fenny Peiffer

Money Saving Tips for Active Seniors

Active Adult Living Made Better with Money-Savvy Measures

The rising cost of living is not easy for most seniors.  You, as an active senior, may be living on a fixed income, and the rising utility bills, and gas and food prices may be quite worrying.  This can be true even if you have planned well for retirement.  However, there are ways to stretch that income, if you follow some money-savvy practices. Here are a few methods that you can take into consideration to keep your finances stable and your mind free of worry.


Make use of Senior Discounts

Most of the places you visit on a daily basis offer discounts for seniors. However, they do not advertise this fact. Therefore, you need to ask them about the discounts available to you. Ask the friendly staff at the supermarket, movie theatre, or gas station about discounts offered. You may be pleasantly surprised by the discounts you receive. Sometimes, you are able to cut your costs by 10% – 50%! Small payments on a daily basis can add up significantly at the end of the month. So, make the most of what is offered and available to you.


Purchase Medications Online

Almost anything is available online. Why not consider ordering your meds through online sources? Ordering your medication online will definitely save time and money. However, make sure your sources are reliable.



AARP is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides senior citizens the security, protection, and empowerment they need to carry out their daily lives. AARP can help you get better tax returns and offer assistance in a myriad of ways. Watch out, though, they may try and sell products you really don’t need as they are a consumer-based agency. Only purchase what you planned on purchasing and never be weakened by their sales tactics!


Find out about Free Cell Phone Plans

Phone calls can take up quite a bit of your money. Of course, you have to call family and friends and stay connected. However, a monthly telephone bill can take a toll on your expense account. Some states enable seniors of a certain age the ability to qualify for a free cell phone plan. Find out about this facility, and if it is available in your state, and switch from landline use to cell phone use.


Join the Medicare Health Insurance Savings Program

Health insurance is extremely important at your age. However, a significant amount of money can be spent on your monthly payments. If you are enrolled in Medicare, find out about their Savings Programs that can save money. There are four Programs and each program has a different income level and resource eligibility limit. Choose the Program best suited for you and save money.


Consider Reverse Mortgage

If you own a home and are over the age of 62, you should consider a reverse mortgage. This is when the bank pays you for the equity in your home. There are factors that you have to consider to qualify for this; therefore, speak with your banker about what you are entitled to and save money.

If you are a senior living in an active adult community, there are many ways you can save money and avoid financial worries.  For example, if you live in an active adult community, you do not have to worry about joining a gym for exercise.  Some of these communities feature walking and biking trails that enable you to get daily exercise for free.  Homes in some of these communities cost less than $200,000.  This is an excellent choice if you were thinking of buying a home, but were worried about the finances and how the payments will affect your expenses.  If you did not wish to spend a bulk amount on a home, you can also consider renting a home.

More affordable homes with various facilities and amenities can be accessed through our website  Visit our website today and find options available to you that enables you to save money and live well. Want us to share some more good news? Well, information is absolutely free for your use, so your home search costs just came down dramatically!

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