Active Adult Communities® Features Blythwood Homes Inc.

April 15, 2014 • Fenny Peiffer

Tanbark Trail

So, you have decided to move into an active adult community. Great decision! Although a good one, you need to be sure you research your builder thoroughly. Considering the strength and sturdiness, as well as, the quality of your home are essential parts of your move. Here’s a little information on one of Ontario’s best builders.

About Blythwood Homes Inc.

Blythwood Homes Inc. is a builder with over 30 years of building experience. This builder is well-known for their unique designs and custom-built homes. They are known to encourage home-owners to contribute to the designing of the homes and ensure it will be a pleasing experience. Blythwood Homes Inc. is responsible for creating unique retirement communities in Ontario including Niagara-on-the-Lake, Brighton, Muskoka and Ridgeway. High-end homes by Blythwood Homes feature top-of-the-line energy-efficient windows, rounded corners on walls, attractive millwork and many more. The best news of all is Blythwood Homes Inc. offers you these attractive features in quality home at extremely reasonable prices.

Qualities of Blythwood Homes Inc.

This is a builder who is able to create homeowners’ visions of a quality home into reality. This is a builder you can count on to ensure your dream home is designed and built according to your requirements. Their long history of unique design and custom home-building experience has enabled this builder to be nominated and win many awards. The most recent award was the Award of Excellence for their Tradewind Model Home from the Niagara Homebuilders Association. The award was presented for best overall one-story home design over 1,800 square feet. Many satisfied homeowners consider this builder reliable, and the homes built, high in quality and worth every penny.

Communities by Blythwood Homes Inc.

Blythwood Homes Inc. is responsible for a number of 55 and over communities. Some of these are Tanbark Trails in St Davids, Ontario, featuring 42 single family and town homes and a fun and exciting lifestyle and Ridgeway by the Lake in Ridgeway, Ontario, featuring award-winning single family and town homes and an active lifestyle. These active adult communities provide lucky homeowners everything they need to enjoy their golden years.

If you are considering moving to cooler climes, during retirement, selecting a home by Blythwood Homes should be a priority. If you select a community by this builder, you are assured of a stress-free retirement.

Visit® and find out about all about Blythwood Homes communities.

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