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Are you Ready to go Back to School?

March 27, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer

Benefits of Going Back to School

We never stop learning. We are always learning new things even when our academics are complete. We learn at home, when working, through our interests and hobbies, etc. But, going back to school gives us an added advantage. This enables us to gather more knowledge, through a course or degree that can help us improve our lifestyle. So, why not consider going back to school, now that you are retired and have the time?

Benefits of Going Back to School

Apart from learning new things, going back to school provides a host of other benefits. Here are three such benefits.

Personal Growth – As mature adults, we have been doing the same things for so long, we often lose sight of who we are. Going back to school is a great opportunity for us to “find” ourselves. It is a chance for us to reconnect with ourselves and to find new and exciting interests and passions. This is the perfect opportunity to stop being a wife/husband, a mom/dad, or a working man/woman. You are now a student! And this fact allows you to let your hair down and become you again.

Intellectual Growth and Challenges – Your brain has a huge capacity for knowledge. Most often, we don’t use half of this capacity to learn new things. Just because you are now a mature adult does not mean your brain is full up. There is always space for knowledge. So, don’t waste it. Go back to school and make use of the time awarded to you, through retirement, to expand your knowledge and skills. You will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment that nothing can replace.

Finding a New Career – Your choice of going back to school will also enable you to find a new way of occupying your days. If you wish to start a new career, you can invest the time in school to gather more knowledge to start your new career. The choice of career is yours. No one can tell you where to go or what to do. The choice is yours, and this fact is extremely liberating.

The decision of going back to school at this juncture in your life is a good one. Never doubt that for a second. So, get ready and make your plans, because summer is just about over.

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