Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers Go High Tech

August 12, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

Baby Boomers Go High Tech

Living in an age where even grade school kids own cell phones, it’s hard to remember a time when running an errand or going for a walk went unplugged. We are constantly connected in some way, and the notion of someone not able to get ahold of us at any given moment seems unheard of. From youngsters to boomers, and beyond, Wi-Fi and touchscreen devices are a fact of life and let’s face it, we can’t live without them. When it comes to building homes marketed towards the 55+ demographic, designers know going to old school isn’t going to cut it. These buyers are more tech-savvy than ever and want innovative technologies and hands-free convenience.

Smart house? Home automation has hit the ground running, taking us into an era of modern functionality where controlling what goes on at home anytime, anywhere is the new norm. From turning on the lights to preheating the oven, homeowners can communicate with their homes using a phone or tablet whether they’re at the office, or on vacation. Nowadays baby boomer tech junkies can get their hands on a unique variety of WiFi-enabled devices including remote thermostat control, and keyless entry as an alternative to putting the spare key under the flowerpot.

Millennials no longer lead the pack when it comes to cellphones and high-speed internet use. In a Pew Research Center survey, baby boomers aged 51-69 ranked a close second to Generation X when it came to using broadband, and cell phones. Active lifestyle communities are also up to speed with the demand for home technology with convenient options including USB outlets, and some including wifi in the home package. Ovation at Oak Tree located in Lacey, Washington caters to modern active adults offering an innovative array of tech features including wi-fi garage door openers, and thermostats.

The latest technology doesn’t stop at home. According to Autotrader, boomers are driving the luxury car market choosing high-end brands that feature all the bells and whistles these vehicles offer from autopilot maneuvering to voice-activated smartphone connectivity. Whether someone is an empty nester, or newly retired, investing in the latest, and greatest when it comes to a new set of wheels is an exciting opportunity for older car buyers. There’s something to be said about this technology-driven generation. They are embracing advancement and becoming this ever-changing industry’s most in-the-know consumer.



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