Baby Boomers Not Ready to Call it Quits

May 7, 2016 • admin

senior office worker

A recent news story featured a woman in her 90’s who’s worked at her job in a San Francisco hospital for 70 years – with no plans of leaving anytime soon. She found her position so rewarding that going to work each day was a joy rather than a task. Now that’s commitment! According to USA Today, 65% of Baby Boomers will continue working after age 65, which shows older adults are thriving, and continue to dominate the work force.

For those who continue in the same job, or decide on a second act career, it tends to be less about the money, and more about feeling satisfied, and motivated doing what you love. I knew a gentleman who’d retired from law enforcement but found himself unable to stay away too long. He returned on a part-time basis because he truly enjoyed serving the community, and felt more fulfilled getting up, and out each day.

Empty nesters or recent retirees may find this to be the opportune moment to pursue a passion or career that may have been on the back burner. Volunteer work is a big one because where earning income may have been a top priority before, giving back in this capacity gets people involved in a way that wasn’t possible during their working years. Going back to school in your 60’s? Absolutely! Learning a new skill set, foreign language or whatever sparks your interest can get you equipped to launch into your dream career.

Become an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, or whatever motivates you. Just because you left the old 8-5 job it doesn’t mean hanging your hard earned skills out to dry. Call it your second act, or round two performance, getting up every day to do something you love is a well-deserved accomplishment!

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