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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo on the Mexican Caribbean

May 5, 2021 • Fenny Peiffer

Cinco De Mayo

To really spice up your Cinco De Mayo holiday, or elevate your summer vacation plans, imagine sipping a margarita on a sunset cruise, fishing for the ultimate catch in the Riviera Maya, or snorkeling among breathtaking coral reefs. To experience paradise like never before, a luxury trip to Marina La Bonita in Cancun Mexico is a beach getaway with the volume turned up to an unforgettable level. From a variety of water sports, and tours, to incredible food, Marina La Bonita focuses on providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience while protecting the environment and giving guests the A-Lister treatment.

Whether it’s a romantic vacation for two or a fun-filled group trip, this exotic destination is the perfect destination for an exciting aquatic adventure beneath the Cancun sun. Marina La Bonita specializes in elevating the watercraft experience with an array of options from the private yacht, and catamaran sailing tours, to exhilarating fishing charters. Tours are available anywhere from a couple of hours to a full action-packed day of cruising the crystalline waters of Puerto Morelos Lagoon and stopping off at one of the Riviera’s pristine beaches including Playa Norte. Depending on which adventure you choose, lunch and libations are included in the price, along with basic sun gear. To extend your stay, overnight charter excursions feature first-class accommodations, along with the chance to explore the stunning Yucatan Peninsula.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, or swimming, prepare to be engulfed by gentle, aquamarine waves and get closer to sea life than you ever thought possible. Beneath the surface lies a show-stopping display of vivid color, fascinating wreckage, and beautiful rock formations. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, Marina La Bonita offers a list of different tank dives from guided reef dives, and deep-sea group excursions to the adrenaline-pumping Bull Shark Dive available for thrill-seekers in January, and February. If you’re new to diving, scuba courses are provided to give you the skills you’ll need to experience an unforgettable world of wonder.

The gateway to coastal dreams is just 15 minutes from Cancun International Airport, so you won’t have to wait long to grab your swimwear and head out to where the white sand meets the warmest ocean water you’ll ever immerse yourself in. As an ever-popular vacation spot, Cancun has a wealth of hidden gems, but whatever you have planned for your visit, make sure Marina La Bonita is first on the itinerary.
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