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Choosing to Live in a Manufactured Home

March 11, 2024 • Fenny Peiffer

Aerial view of a manufactured home community

In the past, active adults had no choice about the homes they had to live in. Now, however, they have a wide variety of choices available thanks to all of the various senior retirement communities that have been developed across the United States. These superb senior homes come in a variety of types. They include cottages, ranch-style homes, bungalows, apartments, condominiums, chalets, etc. As an active adult, you have a choice of homes available to you in a variety of communities. One of the options is manufactured homes.

What are Manufactured Homes?

If you do not know what manufactured homes are, you should because these homes are as good as traditionally constructed homes. Manufactured homes (also known as modular homes) are factory-built homes. Almost 90% of the home is pre-made and transported to its location via trailers. In the past, owners of manufactured homes had a limited choice of size and style of homes. However, in the present, you could not tell these homes apart from standard homes and they are often preferred by homeowners as they cost less and come in a variety of layouts, amenities, and sizes. These homes are built under specifically designed guidelines set forth by the Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Agency, thereby ensuring high standard quality products.

Retirement Communities with Manufactured Homes

As mentioned above, there are quite a number of senior communities with manufactured homes.  Some of these homes are mentioned below.

There are many more communities with manufactured homes.  You can get a good look at these communities by visiting  This website provides you with useful and comprehensive information on various retirement communities.  Simply click on “Search by Lifestyle” and you will be able to learn more about manufactured home communities.

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