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City Living in the Heart of Amish Country

February 7, 2018 • Fenny Peiffer

Amish Country

Lancaster, Pennsylvania encompasses more than just Amish country and rolling farmland, but if rural tranquility is your idea of perfection, you’ll find a preserved pastoral beauty that’s still close enough to the city.  Ranked one of the top 50 places to retire by U.S News & World Report, Lancaster has a reputation for sustainable living through its visionary Green Infrastructure program, thriving agricultural industry, and support of family-owned businesses.  Active adults will discover a growing, close-knit community where history brushes up against a modern living, and affordable homes give them more bang for their buck.

Home to a population of about 60,000, Lancaster is located within driving distance to several major cities including Baltimore, D.C, and Harrisburg, and is home to one of the nation’s busiest Amtrak stations. Tucked within a mere seven square miles, residents of this small-scale metropolis have access to big amenities with more than a hundred restaurants, a vast array of shops, entertainment venues, and an inspiring art scene. Maintaining close ties with local artisans, Lancaster has created quite a name for itself producing a variety of homegrown offerings from rich, locally roasted coffee, to award-winning craft brews.

Lancaster was ranked one of Livability’s most walkable cities and is also popular with cyclists offering a variety of bike tours and trails.  Whether it’s an afternoon of golf or a hot air balloon adventure at sunrise, Lancaster is a playground for scenic recreation. From avid hikers to cross-country skiers, Conewago Recreation Trail takes outdoor enthusiasts on a four-season adventure, while Homewood Nature Preserve provides a 39-acre haven for bird watching, hiking, or stopping to smell the wildflowers.

Lancaster is a town where history buffs, art lovers, and culinary connoisseurs can savor a culturally rich lifestyle. There are plenty of events going on all year long from the spring/fall downtown Art Walk, and colorful festivals, to live theater productions, and concerts. One of the city’s claims to fame is a fantastic food scene, and most would agree the best way to start or end the day is at Lancaster Central Market. Even after 275 years, this iconic institution is a mecca for foodies serving up everything from freshly roasted coffee, to locally grown produce. Whether it’s taking a drive through the country, or seeing a show after dark, Lancaster is authentic, inviting, and a place that celebrates heritage

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