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Best House Painting, Design and Decoration

February 12, 2024 • Fenny Peiffer

Best House Painting Design and Decoration

A new home requires so much work. One of the most important factors to consider, in your new home, is its color and art. Some people prefer coloring every room in their home in a different color, while others stick to the same throughout. Whichever method you prefer is your choice, but did you know the color of your home can make a significant difference to your mood?


Color and Mood Connection

In order to understand the above, let’s take color as an example. Red is a strong color. It is a color that draws the eye. Red, we all know, signifies passion and danger. It is a color that provokes a reaction. This means, if you colored a part of your sitting room wall red, it might cause a reaction you did not expect. A sitting room should have muted colors, such as yellow, which signifies happiness, and cheer which can energize and revitalize. Orange is also a good color to promote enthusiasm and make you feel happy and cheerful. Then there is blue. Blue is a color that has a calming and relaxing effect because we tend to think of water and the sky when we see blue. This is ideal in the bedroom or dining room. However, you should beware of using excessive blue as the darker shade can have the reverse effect on your mood and can be depressing. A color you can really enjoy and has a stabilizing effect on other dominant colors and also ensures of putting your mind at ease is green. Because of its connection to growth, health, fertility, and nature, green is an ideal and good color for many sections of your home.


Color, Mood, and Art

Now we come to the part where you decorate your home. You will most definitely consider a piece of art for various rooms. The most important factor, when doing so, is to consider the room the art is intended for. For example, if your drawing room is painted yellow, hanging a sunny, beach scene can be a bit too cheerful on the senses. However, if you were to hang the same painting or art in a room with a darker color, it is sure to promote a warm and inviting atmosphere. Always consider the mood you wish to set in the room in which you want to hang your picture. If you wish to provide comfort and a soothing effect, you should always go with warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow in your art. For inspiration, go with green, blue, purple, and pink art. Anything with a touch of green or predominantly green is an ideal choice for the bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Selecting the right color for your wall and art to hang on your wall requires a great deal of consideration. So, give it the consideration it deserves and you will see the results through the eyes of the people who come to visit you and through your mood.

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