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Experience the Heart of Exotic Central America

October 24, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

Experience the Heart of Exotic Central America

Crowned one of the top retirement destinations by U.S News and World Report, and AARP, Nicaragua is Central America’s best-kept secret for baby boomer expats.

This tropical paradise has evolved into one of the safest countries in Central America with a reputation for its display of breathtaking scenery, incredible weather, and rich cultural traditions. Retirees looking to spend their golden years watching the sunset over the horizon, exploring untouched, rugged terrain, and enjoying a low cost of living will find Nicaragua to be an idyllic setting.

One might think moving to an exotic, oceanfront destination is farfetched, especially living on retirement income, but according to International Living, boomers, and retirees can live comfortably for a fraction of what they would pay in the states. Nicaragua is known for affordable home options, low property taxes, and quality healthcare with an attractive retirement incentive for prospective ex-pats. Their Pensionada Program is available to folks as young as 45, offers a five-year residency permit, requires a minimum income of $600, and does not impose taxes on foreign income. As an additional bonus, residents can bring their vehicles over with no import tax.

From the colonial city of Grenada where retirees will find ornate, colorful architecture, historic landmarks, and outdoor markets, to San Juan Del Sur where beach recreation and nightlife abound, Nicaragua is most known for its warm, and hospitable people. This lush country is a mecca for eco-tourism, and home to diverse ecosystems, emerald rainforests, lakes, and majestic volcanos. 55+ outdoor enthusiasts will feel right at home with endless recreation from golf, boating, and horseback riding, to channeling their inner adventurer on a zipline, scuba diving or surfing a wave. Any time of day, and well into the evening, a balmy climate beckons residents to savor local flavors, live music, and festivals. Enjoy sustainably caught fresh seafood, and a rainbow of local fruits, and vegetables are grown in Nicaragua’s fertile farmlands.

Both nest egg, and age-friendly, Nicaragua offers affordable public transportation and endless open spaces to explore on a bicycle, or on foot whether it’s a hike through the rainforest or strolling through bustling downtown city centers. Historic and romantic, the country is a wonderful destination for active adults to settle down and be closer to nature. Sparkling sandy beaches, twenty-four volcanoes, and the preservation of native wildlife set this incredible place apart for a feel that can only be described as otherworldly.

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