Experience the Wonder of Mount Rushmore

July 1, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer

Mount Rushmore

The awe-inspiring view of our founding fathers masterfully carved in granite and watching over the nearly three million visitors who pay their respects each year is nothing short of breathtaking. Fourteen years in the making, Mount Rushmore is easily one of the world’s greatest wonders and a magnificent reminder of the great leaders that led us to freedom so long ago. Surrounded by Black Hills National Forest in Keystone, South Dakota this national treasure is an unforgettable sightseeing destination.

Mount Rushmore’s creator Doane Robinson had the vision to display our nation’s presidents in such a way that immortalized their memories forever. From George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, to Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, these were the iconic figures who ushered our country through some of our most turbulent moments in history from the Revolutionary War, to authoring the Declaration of Independence. American sculptor Gutzon Borglum was the artist responsible for creating this masterpiece and worked tirelessly on the project until his death in 1941. Gazing up at these great faces of history, and imagining the skill, and man power required to carve through the solid stone mountainside will leave you with a feeling of wonderment.

Before meandering through the Avenue of Flags leading up to the monument, the Information Center provides educational materials, including a bookstore, and the opportunity to schedule a tour. Named after the son of Mount Rushmore’s sculptor, the Lincoln Borglum Visitors Center takes tourists on a historic journey and features a museum and theaters that depict the evolution of this remarkable work of art. The Sculptor’s Studio gives visitors a glimpse into the mastermind behind Mount Rushmore, and the tools, and techniques used during the creation of the massive stone portrait.

If you’re lucky enough to visit during the months of May-September, an evening sculpture lighting ceremony will leave you mesmerized, but plan your trip in advance as this popular destination draws dense crowds particularly late spring into early fall. The nearby vicinity offers hotel accommodations, cafes, and lush walking trails to explore one of the greatest art exhibits in U.S history. Just one glance, and you’re reminded this really is the “sweet land of liberty.”

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