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Five Reasons to Retire in a College Town

October 18, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

Five Reasons to Retire in a College Town

If you are closing in on retirement and wondering where to retire to where there are plenty of amenities, activities, and good public transport, as well as, top-notch health care, you should consider retiring in a college town. Here are a few more reasons to consider.


Free or Discounted Classes

Attending college as a retiree is not as expensive as you think. If you wish to further your academics, lots of colleges and universities offer various discounts and waivers for retirees. For example, some colleges offer undergraduate courses worth up to several credits for free. However, keep in mind; although there are no tuition fees, you must pay for stationery and other requirements of the college. This is one of the greatest rewards of retiring from a college town. The opportunity for continuing learning is limitless.


Good Medical Services

Another great reward of living in a college town is you have access to good medical services. Most colleges are officially attached to teaching hospitals. This enables you to get great medical services you would otherwise have to get in a large city. So, if you are worried about your health, and need a good place with good medical services, you should retire in a college town.


Sports Activities

When you retire in a college town, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the various sports available. Whether it is football, basketball, or baseball, you are sure to find yourself wearing your supporting sweatshirt and cheering your local college team on to victory.


Low Cost of Living

College towns cater to college students who are constantly on a budget. This means an affordable cost of living for you too. For example, real estate in college towns is reasonable. Plus, as restaurants and local businesses cater to college students, affordable living options are available everywhere you turn.


Entertainment Galore

If you retire to a college town, you can be sure you will find plenty of entertainment at various times of the year. Whether it is music concerts or lectures, you are sure to find various forms of entertainment that you can enjoy.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy every minute of retirement if you retire in a college town. So, if you are considering it, visit our website, ActiveAdultLiving.com®, and find the active adult community you wish to retire to.

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