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January 5, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

Active Adult Communities in Florida

Retirement age can be the time to do new and different things.  Whatever you may have been wishing to do but haven’t ever gotten around to can now be taken up as your empty nester life sprawls ahead of you with nothing but lots of free time.  From interstate travel to globetrotting, taking up a hobby such as gardening, fishing, etc., or just keeping fit with exercise, yoga, or aerobics – there is a host of optional activities for you to engage in.

You may also decide that you have had enough of urban hustle and bustle and want a few sunshiny days.  Many 55+ retirees consider moving to warmer, sunnier climes, such as Florida, for just such reasons.  This may be a good move, especially if you suffer from arthritis or other joint diseases.  Warm weather, such as is found in Florida, can be a relief to your aching joints and the salty sea breeze will do wonders for those who are asthmatic.  This, however, should not be your only consideration for moving to the “Sunshine State”.  Why not find out what else is on offer in Florida?


Life in Florida

Life in Florida is different from any other state.  After all, this is the land of Disney, Universal Studios, eternal sunshine, awesome sunsets, and oranges fresh from the orchards.  Florida is also famous for soft, sandy beaches and warm, clear, blue seas.  You have not truly enjoyed Florida yet if you have not experienced these sights and sensations.  However, there is much more to Florida than the theme parks and the beaches.  For example, this state is host to an abundance of wildlife that includes mammals, such as the Florida panther, Eastern Cotton-tail rabbit, wild boar, manatees, and nine-banded armadillos.  Birds include the bald eagle, osprey, white and brown pelicans, and the Northern caracara.  If you are interested in Florida wildlife, there are 159 state parks and more than 700,000 acres of unspoiled wilder lands and waterways waiting for your exploration.  One of these is the Everglades National Park which is the largest protected wilderness area east of the Mississippi River.

Another great pastime in Florida is diving.  You have not experienced a true diving adventure until you have been on a dive off of the Florida Keys.  Key Largo is world-renowned to be the best diving area.  If you wish to see some beautiful, colorful corals you should try the French Reef.  This is the only living coral barrier in the continental United States.  You can also consider exploring the famous Benwood shipwreck on the French Reef.

It is appropriate to say that Florida is made for golfing where the sun shines almost all 365 days of the year.  There are over 1,000 golf courses that you can consider for playing a round or two.   Some of the most well-known courses include the Shea Homes at Ocala Preserve in Ocala and Cresswind at PGA Village Verano in Port Saint Lucie, just to name a few.

In Florida, you are never too young (or too old!) to enjoy Disney World and other theme parks.   One of the best things about being a senior in Florida is that you are entitled to a host of senior discounts!  You can enjoy most of what Florida has to offer at half the cost if you are a senior.


Active Adult Communities in Florida

There are hundreds and hundreds of age-restricted, age-targeted, or age-appropriate communities as well as (all ages welcome) active lifestyle communities in Florida.  These communities come in varying sizes and with a variety of different lifestyles available.  If you want to play golf every day, there are a wealth of communities with championship golf courses.  If you like waterfront communities or ranch-style homes, these too are available in Florida, and of course the obvious – beachfront properties as well.

If you are considering a move to the sunny state of Florida or to any other state, you should gather accurate information from a reliable website.  ActiveAdultLiving.com is the most comprehensive resource of senior lifestyle communities across the US and is a website that you can count on to provide accurate information about your prospective retirement home.  It is the pleasure of ActiveAdultLiving.com to provide such information at no cost.

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