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October 6, 2019 • Fenny Peiffer

Boston, Massachusetts, USA skyline at fan pier

Relocating to a new state can be hard.  This is even more challenging; if your familiarity levels of the State you are moving to is at a low level.  While what is unknown and awaiting can certainly add to the excitement, you still need to know as much as possible about the place you plan to relocate.  After all, you are shifting base – probably for good and need to be happy with the environment, climate and what you can do while you live there.  Many active seniors find themselves in a predicament when it comes to educating themselves about the state they plan to move to.  While friends and relatives may give you some info, we too thought of being helpful in this regard. So, if you are considering a move to Massachusetts, here are some useful insights to this awesome State.

Why You Should Move to Massachusetts

There are many reasons for you to love this State and doubly so if you have a love for heritage and history.  Massachusetts is a state with a strong history and you have a number of historical sites that are worth a visit and should not be missed.  These include the 17th-century homes including the Fairbanks House, the Old Ship Church still used for worship and the Old Deerfield District where you will find a well-preserved colonial village.

Massachusetts is extremely popular as a focal point for performing arts.  Orchestras, concerts, and ballets are just a fraction of the entertainment options that you can experience in Massachusetts.  You can catch a splendid ballet performance at the Citi Performing Arts Center in Boston, or admire contemporary craft at the Fuller Craft Museum.  This is certainly a cultured State with a skew towards classic and cultured entertainment.  So, the State of Massachusetts will certainly offer you plenty of activities to be occupied with.

Apart from Art and Culture, Massachusetts promises you a variety of outdoor activities that include fishing, camping, biking, golfing and whale watching.  Freshwater and saltwater fishing are yours to try during all seasons of the year.  Become one with nature and take in all that the great outdoors has to offer by camping at Massasoit State Park or Salisbury Beach State Reservation.  Whether you are an experienced or novice biker, you will find a number of rail-trails within the state for you to bike in safety.  No matter what part of the state you are in, you are sure to find a golf course where you can hit the links and enjoy the scenery and layout of the golf courses.  Try Taconic Gulf Club in the west or Farmneck Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard for a memorable round of golf.  Whale watching is another great action-packed activity for those with a love for marine life…so do up your life jackets and head off to the whale spotting sites to have the thrill of seeing these gentle giants rollick in the ocean.

Massachusetts also offers a whole load of fun and excitement during the winter season.  You can hit the slopes at Maple Corner Farm or ice skate at Fenway Park.  There are also a number of events organized during winter to ensure that you will never spend a boring day in Massachusetts.

Active Adult Communities in Massachusetts

If you are interested in living in a retirement community in Massachusetts, and in order to experience all this wonderful state has to offer you, you should consider living in one of the fabulous Active Adult Living communities. There are 201 Massachusetts communities listed on the website including those that are55+ age-restricted as well as others that are age-appropriate or age-targeted active lifestyle communities.  Every community is made to suit the lifestyles of all retirement-age active adults.  Some of these communities are mentioned below:

Above are few randomly chosen communities and 146 more communities are available for you to delve into at  We are proud to have put together this giant database of over 8,500 listings of communities spread across the US as well as Canada and Mexico.  Each page dedicated to a community will give you comprehensive details as well as lead you to the community website directly (as available), in case you wish to get in touch with the community association.  We are positive that you will find the right community to suit your lifestyle preference and price range, with the information we have provided you from all over the USA.

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