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July 10, 2019 • Fenny Peiffer


Most baby boomers look for a change when they find their nests empty.  This can be a change of lifestyle, a change of hobbies or even a change of home.  Some may even consider uprooting themselves and moving to a whole new State.  This is an exciting and, often, the right decision for many 55+ adults.  If you have always wondered about making the “move” and doing so to the state of Pennsylvania, let us reiterate why this is an excellent idea. 

Climate – The climate of Pennsylvania varies according to the area.  For example, the southwest Ohio valley and the southeast Monongahela valley experience the warmest temperatures for a longer period.  The mountainous terrain of Pennsylvania is obviously colder and experiences the most amount of snowfall.  Western areas, especially those near Lake Erie, experience quite a bit of snowfall in winter too.

Geography – Pennsylvania is bordered by New York, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.  It is the 33rd largest state and has a land area of 44,820 square miles.  The highest point in Pennsylvania is Mt. Davis and the lowest is the Delaware River.

Economy – This state has a highly prosperous economy.  Pennsylvania has fifty Fortune 500 companies, and is home to the Bank of North America which was founded, in 1781, in Philadelphia.  The States’ largest bank and 6th largest in the entire USA, PNC Financial Services, is also based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Demographics – Pennsylvania has a population of approximately 12 million.  Of this, 15.6% are over the age of 65.  The average cost of a home in Pennsylvania is $184,900 and, on average, 2.48 persons for every home.

Things to Do and See – Pennsylvania has 120 State parks.  This makes Pennsylvania a State brimming with outdoor recreational opportunities.  Hiking, golfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and wildlife watching are all possible when in Pennsylvania.  The splendor and beauty of the fall foliage can be only be experienced at Penn’s Woods, where you will find more than 130 species of trees, shrubs, and vines that add to the riotous colors of fall.  Almost all the State forests and parks are open to fishing.  You can enjoy the great outdoors to the best of your abilities only in Pennsylvania.

If you are interested in a bit of history about Pennsylvania, you can visit the official Betsy Ross House where the original stars and stripes were sewn.  You can also visit the field where Flight 93, on September 11, 2001, crashed with its 40 passengers and crew members.  The art buffs among us can admire great works of art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art where there are more than 227,000 works of art on display.  A drive into Lancaster will enable you to experience life at its stress-free limits and take in the activities of the Amish and see some of the country’s oldest towns and villages.

Pennsylvania has so many sights to see and things to do that you will not be able to complete all this in just one or two days.  This is why you need to move to Pennsylvania on a permanent basis.  This way, you can spend your retirement days taking in all that Pennsylvania has to offer.

There are 340 active adult communities in Pennsylvania.  These communities are built with you in mind.  They are comfortable communities with well-built homes located in some of the most beautiful areas of Pennsylvania.  If you visit some of these communities, you will definitely wish to relocate to Pennsylvania.  A few of these communities deserve mentioning:


Further information on Pennsylvania’s active adult communities can be obtained through the Pennsylvania State directory pages on  This website enables you to get a closer look at some of the retirement communities we have for you in Pennsylvania and all across the United States.  Visit our website today!

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