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Forget Downsizing – Boomers Want More Square Footage

March 31, 2021 • Fenny Peiffer

Boomers Want More Square Footage

What constitutes a happy, and fulfilling life? Quality of living is having healthy social relationships, including exercise each day, and loving your surroundings. This concept is why active lifestyle communities do what they do. Recognizing what’s important to today’s discerning baby boomers, active adult communities are designed to meet their needs, offering an all-encompassing experience for this next chapter.

Back in the day “retiring” meant cookie-cutter smaller-scale housing, playing bingo, and getting old. This couldn’t be further from the truth in today’s age where folks are continuing to work well beyond 65, and want to get a head start finding their ideal home. According to an article written by Forbes, the demand for homes within 55+ communities has become increasingly popular, as are the amenities these homebuyers are seeking. It’s gone way beyond the idea that the kids have moved out, let’s downsize. Buyers are taking the opportunity to go bigger, and better looking for luxury features, in prime locations to perhaps pursue around two careers or just savor their hard-earned retirement.

According to RealtorMag, thirty percent of retirees have chosen to upsize into bigger homes. Whether it’s to host family, and friends, or simply enjoy the extra space, luxury 55+ community builders such as Toll Brothers, and Shea Homes have stepped up to the plate building high-end homes within prestigious communities. Boomers are looking for their piece of paradise, and that may mean a large gourmet kitchen, luxurious master suite, or outdoor entertaining area. Sotheby’s Realty Canada has found that baby boomers buying luxury real estate in affluent neighborhoods is on the rise. Gone is the notion that mom and pop want to sit around in an apartment on the beach because what they’re most likely looking for is an ocean-front villa with plenty of room for the grandkids while being close to entertainment, shopping, and dining.

55+ communities know that selling high-end real estate means providing high-end amenities. This active generation wants a state of the art fitness facilities, a challenging course to practice their golf swing, and a beautiful setting to enjoy a glass of wine with friends. Frenchman’s Reserve in Palm Beach Florida is a prime example of boomers wanting more with its exquisite multi-million dollar properties, and country club amenities. Today’s 55+ homebuyer wants more in a home, and they are not waiting until retirement to do it. Dreams are starting now.

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