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Guide to Real Estate Closing Process Terminology

December 1, 2023 • Fenny Peiffer

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In our previous blog posts, we’ve unpacked a wide range of real estate terminologies encompassing property types, sales and purchase processes, financing, legal jargon, and home inspections. Today, we delve into a critical area that often mystifies first-time buyers and sellers: the real estate closing process. Understanding these terms simplifies the home buying or selling experience and empowers you to make informed decisions. Closing


Closing Process Terms

The closing process in real estate is a series of complex, legal steps to transfer property ownership, each with its unique terms. Let’s break them down.

  • Closing Costs – Closing costs refer to the additional expenses incurred by both buyers and sellers when finalizing a real estate transaction, exceeding the property’s purchase price.
  • Closing Disclosure – This document contains crucial information regarding your mortgage loan. It encompasses details about the loan terms and projected monthly payments, as well as the fees and other costs associated with obtaining your mortgage.
  • Earnest Money – A deposit made to a seller serves as a testament to the buyer’s sincerity and commitment to a transaction.
  • Closing Date – The closing date refers to the day when the sale of a property is officially completed and a loan transaction takes effect.
  • Title Company – This company specializes in title examination, insurance issuance, and closing services.
  • Proration – The process of allocating ongoing expenses, such as taxes, dues, and utilities, between the buyer and seller upon the completion of the escrow.
  • Final Walk-through – The final inspection, which typically takes place just before the closing, serves to verify that all agreed-upon repairs have been completed and that the property is in the agreed-upon condition.
  • Settlement Agent – The individual or company tasked with coordinating all closing activities is often known as the “escrow officer” or “closing officer”. They play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and successful closure, overseeing the necessary processes and paperwork.
  • Closing Statement – AA real estate transaction involves a crucial document that outlines various fees, commissions, insurance, and other essential aspects necessary for a successful transfer of ownership. This document is meticulously prepared by a closing agent to ensure a smooth and legally binding process.
  • Recording – Recording written instruments that affect the title to real property in the Book of Public Records is an essential act. This effectively notifies future purchasers or creditors about the existence of these instruments.


Understanding real estate closing process terms is crucial to navigating the final steps of a property transaction. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, being familiar with these terms will make the closing process smoother and less daunting. Remember, knowledge is power – and in real estate, it can result in significant financial savings and peace of mind.
As we wrap up our series on real estate terminology, we invite you to revisit our previous posts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the real estate world. Stay informed and happy house hunting!

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