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Home on the Great Plains

June 19, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer


“Home is where your heart is,” and as many would agree, the place that defines home is in America’s Heartland. Over the years, Nebraska’s capital city of Lincoln has seen an extraordinary amount of economic growth, and urban development but what folks love most about this town, is no matter how many corporate giants set up shop, it’s never strayed from being an approachable, mid-west town that tugs at the heartstrings. With its vast open skies, and rolling farmland, Lincoln tends to take a backseat to powerhouse retirement havens like California, and Florida, but what it lacks in coastal glamour, it makes up for in rich heritage, a highly educated population, and also happens to be a Forbes best cities to retire contender.

Home to the University of Nebraska — where Husker pride runs deep, and the historic State Capitol building, Lincoln is also known for an affordable real estate. According to, an average sales price of $220K gives retirees room in their budgets to live a good life without over-stretching their nest egg. From its state-of-the-art entertainment arenas, and medical facilities, to generations of family-run farms, people describe Lincoln as the “big little city” that knows everyone by name and still has an urban edge. Located less than an hour from Omaha, Lincoln’s robust job market, and low unemployment rate gives baby boomers a golden opportunity to launch into a variety of encore careers from entrepreneurial ventures to climbing back up the corporate ladder.

Lincoln may not have rugged, mountainous terrain, but its expansive flatlands gives outdoor enthusiasts the advantage. Keeping cyclists and runners on an even keel, this nature-loving town boasts an ample amount of open space with 6,000 parks, 133 miles of trails that wind through the heart of the city, and five sprawling golf courses including the beautiful Hidden Valley Golf Club. Lincoln’s landscape ebbs and flows with the seasons in a showcase of natural beauty from the splendor of Sunken Garden to the densely forested trails of Wilderness Park.

This vibrant college town is an energetic fusion of old and new where retirees will find a fantastic food scene, diverse shopping, and turn of the century attractions.  Active adults can immerse themselves in all this youthful city has to offer from First Friday ArtWalk to the cultural, and entertainment hub of Haymarket District. Defined by miles of waving prairies, and iconic cornfields Lincoln will always have that country “Cornhusker” charm but hasn’t stopped it from growing into the trendy metropolis that people of all ages find so appealing.

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