Increase the Fiber Intake to Avoid Colon Related Issues

March 1, 2024 • Fenny Peiffer

Increase the Fiber Intake to Avoid Colon Related Issues

As we age, various parts of our bodies start shutting down or slowing down. Out of all common age-related ailments, the most troublesome issue is constipation. Research shows that the average American spends more than $700 million on laxatives. Infrequent bowel movements become more and more problematic as you age. What’s worse is that constant straining can stress out your bowel and colon which can lead to various serious problems.

Avoiding Colon-Related Issues

The most common causes of colon-related issues are poor diet and nutrition, too little dietary fiber, poor intake of essential fatty acids, inadequate exercise, medication, etc. Your colon issues can be avoided if you add a little more fiber to your diet. These include fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, whole grains, etc. Most experts recommend an intake of 35 grams of fiber daily. If you are taking fiber supplements, make sure it is a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber. This ensures regularity with bowel movements. Soluble fiber can be found in oats and nuts. This forms a kind of gel that binds to the walls of the intestines and reduces irritation. Bran and whole grains are insoluble fibers. This builds up your stools and helps clean the colon. Insoluble fibers also absorb and eliminate waste and toxins from your intestinal walls.

Sometimes, lack of fluids can also cause constipation which can lead to colon-related issues. Lack of fluids in your body can dry up and harden stools which can also cause constipation. You need plenty of fluids to ensure you do not get constipated and aggravate your colon. Even though you may be stocking up on the fiber, you could still be constipated because of a lack of fluids. Therefore, make sure that you balance your fiber intake with the right amount of fluids. Avoiding constipation can help prevent most of your colon-related issues.

A high-fiber diet and fluids are not the only thing that you can consider to avoid colon-related issues. You also need plenty of exercise. If you have trouble getting to a gym or walking or biking trails, some of the best gyms, neighborhoods, and walking trails are available at some active adult communities. Move into one of these and you can get the exercise you need, along with your diet, to avoid many health issues.

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