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Ireland’s Lucky Travel Opportunities

March 29, 2013 • Fenny Peiffer

Behold plush greenery of Ireland’s scenic landscapes while indulging in the freshest air that awakens the country’s warm hospitality, strong heritage and perfect blend of rural and urban. Journey from the jaw dropping coastline of the Ring of Kerry inward to the bustling cities of Dublin, Waterford, Killarney and Limerick or even to the quaint surrounding farmlands as the island is sure to please every traveler!

Ireland may only be 304 miles long and 172 miles wide, but has a population of 5.4 million people. Its land is divided into 32 counties in which 26 belong to the Republic of Ireland and the remaining six belong to Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland’s official languages are both English and Gaelic whereas the Northern part of Ireland is solely dedicated to English.

Consider packing for all seasons when traveling to the Emerald Isle, for change in weather is the norm. Rest assured that the temperature will remain rather pleasant as the average is about 50° F. The summer to autumn months are mostly filled with sunshine, lovely temperatures and a corporative climate.

During the exploration, allow the historical richness to capture passenger’s attention while learning about Ireland’s first inhabitants, dating back to 6,000 BC. Uncover the mystery behind St. Patrick and become aware of his original, forced journey to the island and later god-willed return famed for the introduction of Christianity. Continue on with personal enlightenment, when journeying through “Jeanie Johnston,” a recreation of one of Ireland’s famous “famine ships” and witness the historical path the Irish took in order to acquire better living.

While Ireland is known to have forty shades of green, the Emerald Isle offers its hospitality and kindness in numerous hues as well – from the foot-tapping locals in the oldest pub of Europe, Sean’s Bar, to the welcoming smiles of Irish farmers and their homemade tea and scones.

The country is easily accessible, being only a short six hour flight from the United States. Upon arrival, nestle into the royal surroundings at the regal grounds of Cabra Castle or epitomize comfort during a country farmhouse, quaint bed and breakfast stay. Encounter the essence of Ireland’s purity during a visit through the vast limestone landscape of the Burren or the life changing views at the Cliffs of Moher that soar nearly 700 feet above the lively Atlantic.

Engage in the Celtic Christian tradition by exploring the historical background of Saints Patrick and Kevin during telling visits to the Rock of Cashel, the holy site of Glendalough and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Explore O’Connell Street, Phoenix Park and Grafton Street when wandering through the culturally rich roads of Dublin while enhancing one’s wardrobe in Ireland’s most trendy boutiques. Take your newly modernized style to the city of Killarney to experience the bliss in kissing the Blarney Stone. Admire the Irish “gift of gab” and treat oneself to a time-honored Irish jaunting car ride with a companion or a fellow traveler and arrive at the idyllic tour of the Muckross House of Gardens absorbing Ireland’s multitude of greenery. 

Continue to engage in Irish culture with a trip through some of Ireland’s most famous whiskey distilleries, known to manufacture Jameson’s Irish whiskey. Or enjoy a tall pint of Guinness to wash down traditional dishes, such as homemade stew, enriched with the flavors of lamb, beef and fresh cabbage. Pacify any rumor of bland cuisine, as you are given the opportunity to savor the freshest ingredients Ireland has to offer produced by both land and sea.

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Allow the streets of Ireland to bless with the luck of the Irish in every encounter as there is no better time to travel there than the year 2013! For the first time ever, travelers will have the pleasure of participating in The Gathering. Throughout the year, 70 million people worldwide that claim Irish ancestry are encouraged to travel back to the country to celebrate their Irish heritage! Expect epic events and cozy street parties, reunions and homecomings, festivals and fairs and fun and games. Even those unlinked to the Irish culture are encouraged to join and relish in this great party! To learn more, please go to: .

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