It’s Wine Harvest Time, Get Out and Enjoy the Fruits!

November 3, 2014 • Fenny Peiffer

Wine Harvest

If you‘re a wine lover, this is the season to savor the flavors of some of the best wines in the country. All the wine growing regions in the country are in the midst of harvesting, and if you live in any of these popular areas be sure to take this opportunity to enjoy the fruits. Here are some of the events taking place commencing the first week of November.

Big Sur Food and Wine Festival

Get ready to experience the best wines and some delicious foods, starting Thursday, November 6th. Your wine tour experience takes place from the 6th – 8th. Visit three different private properties along the northern part of the Big Sur coast. Sample 30 of the most amazing Pinot Noirs at the Loma Vista Gardens or celebrate Italian food and wines with an evening dance with desserts, wine and much more. Be sure to get your tickets in advance as they are selling like really good wine!

Denver International Wine Festival

This is the 10th annual celebration of wine and cuisine in Denver. From the 19th – 21st of November you can enjoy some delicious foods and wines at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado, where you can sample a four-course winemakers dinner. In addition, on the 21st, you have the opportunity to meet celebrity TV chef and author Sara Moulton who will conduct cooking demonstrations at the Grand Tasting where more than 400 wines, beers and spirits will be showcased.

Flavor! Napa Valley

This is a five-day celebration of wine, food and fun which takes place November 19th – 23rd. This is an annual event where you can sample world-class Napa Valley wines and some of the most delicious foods prepared by Napa Valley’s master chefs and graduates of The Culinary Institute of America. Book your stay now and avoid disappointment.

If you are considering sampling wine during the wine harvest, here are a few facts about wine which you may not know. Wine has a delicious fragrance all of its own but beware – following are a few warning signs:

Oxidized – A stale burnt smell with a weird shade of brown. This means the wine was not stored properly and was subjected to extreme temperatures.
Volatile Acidity – The wine smells similar to vinegar or nail polish remover. This indicates a bacterial spoilage.
Sulfur – An offensive smell of rotten eggs. This happens with the overuse or improper usage of sulfur.
Brettanomyces – This is when your wine smells of the barnyard and cherry cough syrup. This indicates yeast spoilage.
Cork Taint – The smells of wet newspaper, musty, wet shaggy dog odor emanating from corked wine. This indicates spoiled or tainted wine.
Sulfites – If your wine smells of a burning matchstick, this indicates the wine is newer than it claims to be.

Now that you are aware of what your wine should NOT smell like, and you have a few venues to consider this wine harvest time, make your plans ASAP and enjoy the fruits of wine harvest.

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