Kingston Ontario: It’s All In the Lifestyle

December 23, 2016 • Fenny Peiffer

gull in flight over the lake ontario in kingston, canada

MoneySense Magazine listed Kingston, Ontario one of the top destinations for retirees, with services, and attractions that make this Canadian gem an ideal destination to age in place. According to the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, twenty five percent of Ontario’s population will be 65 or better by 2041, and Kingston exceeds expectation by providing housing, social opportunities, and a vibrant lifestyle for active seniors. Whether someone wants to remain in their current home, or opt for an active living community, this city embraces healthy living, in a sustainable, and beautiful environment.

Centrally located between Toronto, and Montreal, Kingston isn’t just another city, it’s a way of life. Named one of the best places to raise a family, and with over 6,000 businesses, boomers not ready to call it quits can still find gainful employment opportunities. At the end of the day, exciting nightlife, and entertainment are just moments away in Kingston’s downtown area. Walkable, and well marked streets provide access to a wide variety of restaurants, and bars as well as year round entertainment. One important aspect to an age friendly city, is promoting wellness by way of outdoor amenities, and recreation which Kingston has in spades. Lakes, nature trails, and bike paths make it easy for older adults to stay fit whether it’s a waterfront jog, kayaking, or exploring the city on two wheels.

This culturally abundant city is home to the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts, the Grand Theatre, and is renown for higher education with institutions like Queens University, and St. Lawrence College. Kingston is one of Canada’s oldest cities with historic sites such as Fort Henry, and the home of Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald. For seniors without a vehicle, the efficient Kingston Transit system makes getting around the city fast, and easy with discounted fares, and income based pricing.

Active living communities in Kingston give empty nesters, and retirees a place to call home, while taking advantage of on-site, and nearby amenities. Walnut Grove is a peaceful, and beautiful active adult community with single family, semi-detached, and townhouse options. Immaculate homes, and a community center available for a variety of social activities reflects pride of ownership. Rosewood Retirement Residence offers seniors a variety of floor plans, and a truly carefree lifestyle whether it’s getting together with friends, enjoying a movie night, or fitting in a morning workout. The surrounding city provides access to state of the art healthcare facilities, and services such as grocery markets, and pharmacies. Spend the day on the water, or take in a history lesson, it’s no wonder Kingston keeps making the A list for an active retirement.

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