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Living in a Condominium Community Just Got Better with Red Mill Village

April 1, 2013 • Fenny Peiffer

Red Mill Village

Red Mill Village in Massachusetts is an active adult community that any retired person will enjoy. If you live in Massachusetts, and wish to move to a condominium community where life is easy and friendly, you should definitely consider Red Mill Village. Red Mill Village is a community where you will find life just about perfect.

About the Community

Red Mill Village is a maintenance-free, age-restricted active adult community with just 156 single-family detached and single-family attached homes. The square area of each home ranges from 2,059 to 2,616 and vary in price from $350,000 to $500,000. The fact that it is a maintenance-free community significantly adds to its appeal. The price you pay for your condominium covers maintenance and repairs to the exterior of your home. These include snow plowing, painting and mowing. You are able to personalize your home and add your touch to it to make it truly yours. For example, you can personalize your kitchen by considering the options of professional cooking appliances, custom-style cabinetry and granite counter-tops. You can choose from marble, ceramic or hardwood for your floors and add in your own whirl-pool tub. If you visit the community, you will find wide front porches, beautifully maintained lawns and pedestrian-friendly streets. Homes at Red Mill Village are spread over 53 acres and includes 18.5 acres of preserved forest bordering the Canoe River. This is a simple community where all residents are extremely close and friendly and you can be sure to meet new people and form lasting friendships if you live in this community.

Amenities at the Community

The amenities at the community are absolutely awesome. Red Mill Village provides residents almost everything that a small village does. For example, you will find beautifully landscaped parks at the community ideal for gatherings, especially during the summer. The community center, also known as the Meeting House is a place open for all sorts of social events. You will find village shops, country store and even a post office at Red Mill Crossing. Interested in a swim or a leisurely nap? The pool can be found tucked into a quiet corner of the village. There are also many walking trails for persons careful about their health and for those who simply like strolling along enjoying life and being one with nature. The Community Victory Garden is another amenity available for those who love gardening and socializing. What more can you ask of retired life?

About the Builder

Red Mill Village is built by Thorndike Development Corporation. This builder has been building communities in Southeastern Massachusetts for the past thirty years. Thorndike has built and sold more than 1000 homes, and is the proud recipient of more than 30 national and regional awards for excellence. This building company has also been included in a number of lists of “Top Ten Builders of Greater Boston”. With so many awards and accolades, you are bound to get a home high in quality and built to last a lifetime.

Now that you know a little bit about Red Mill Village, why not pay a visit to this community?

Further information about this community and many more can be obtained by visiting our website a comprehensive website featuring more than 6,500 active adult communities.

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