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Part-time Jobs after 55

June 2, 2014 • Fenny Peiffer

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Retired folk, these days, don’t just wish to spend hours at the golf course and maintaining their gardens. They are getting back in the game and searching for part-time jobs during retirement. If you are one such retiree, you could be searching for a job because you need the extra cash or because you just don’t like being idle. Whatever it is, finding jobs, after retirement, can be challenging. It may take longer to find a job, and sometimes, the pay may be lower in spite of your experience and knowledge. Still, what part-time jobs can you consider after 55?

Part-time Nurse – This is an excellent opportunity if you have nursing experience. There are many jobs available especially in the home health care sector. Consider doing it part-time as you really don’t want to spend 24 hours working. This is difficult work and if you consider part-time, you are not only earning extra money, but also not taxing yourself too much.

Temp Jobs – Although not the most glamorous of jobs, this is a good way to earn extra money and be flexible about your work schedule. If you have worked in an office doing administrative work or accounting or law, you can consider going back to the same field as a temp. All you have to do is sign up with a service and wait for them to connect your skills and schedule with a suitable company.

Retail Jobs – Many retailers prefer to employ older sales people because they are reliable and patient with customers. If interested, you can apply for a part-time retail employment position. This is a great way to meet different people and stay active.

Educator – If you were an educationist before retirement, you can consider tutoring students. There is a high demand for tutors for college bound students and you will earn quite a bit of money this way. More money can be expected if you are a math, science or foreign language teacher.

Consultant – If you were in management and have worked in a large corporation, you can consider being a consultant on a part-time basis. You can extend your knowledge and skills to any company or organization that requires it and earn some extra cash.

Part-time jobs after 55 are the best way of returning to the work force. This way you have the time for other aspects of retired living too.

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