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Pismo Beach is a California Classic

August 17, 2018 • Fenny Peiffer

Pismo Beach California

Coastal life never gets old, and neither does the sun-loving Pismo Beach crowd. Tucked between San Francisco, and Los Angeles, California’s central coast is a coveted stretch of pristine beaches, fertile wine country, and a laid-back lifestyle that rolls with the tide. Stunning vistas, rugged cliffs, Pismo is a piece of paradise – a place to slow down and smell the salty breezes. Sharing this treasured stretch of coastline with nearby Paso Robles, and Santa Barbara less than two hours away, this offbeat San Louis Obispo County gem is fantastic for snowbirds and retirees – whether they’re into romantic sunsets or wild rides through the dunes.

Beneath a misty marine layer or clear blue sky, Pismo Beach is an undeniably charming, low-key beach town scattered with hidden coves, unique restaurants, and incredible wine tasting. Unlike many coastal cities with their bumper to bumper crowds, active adults will find an intimate community with miles of secluded beaches, and room to roam. A favorite for fishing, strolling or witnessing migratory whales, Pismo’s famed 1,200-foot pier is currently undergoing restoration, but there are still plenty of breathtaking detours to be had. Perhaps the most well-known attraction, and why droves of tourists flock to this town every year, is to visit the spectacular Monarch Butterfly Grove. From October to February, eucalyptus trees come alive in a mesmerizing blaze of color as tens of thousands of Monarch’s can be seen cascading down the branches – seeking winter refuge in Pismo’s idyllic climate.

From camping, horseback riding, and hiking, to off-roading, Pismo’s outdoor recreation ranges from leisurely cliffside strolls through Dinosaur Caves Park, whose namesake comes from a colossal dinosaur sculpture built by Douglas Brown in the 40’s before being destroyed in the late 50’s, to giving thrill-seekers a chance to kick up sand on an ATV ride through Oceano Dunes Preserve – a 5 1/2 mile stretch of drivable beach, and picturesque campground located 3 miles from town. Whether it’s paddle boarding, surfing, or kayaking along Pismo’s towering bluffs, the jewel-toned teal water is enough to inspire ocean wanderlust in anyone.

With over a dozen wineries to choose from, Pismo Beach and adjoining neighborhoods of Shell Beach, Arroyo Grande, and Avila Beach make up Central California’s highly sought after wine country. Crisp Chardonnay to full-bodied merlot, most of these award-winning varietals can be enjoyed in one of Pismo’s many outstanding restaurants. Known as the “clam capital of the world,” people often line up for a taste of the town and even bring their dogs along to places like Chop Street’s outdoor patio, and Zorro’s Cafe with its own canine menu. Home to outlet stores, small boutiques, and specialty shops, even retail therapy gets its own oceanfront view. Casual, and understated, but always enchanting, Pismo Beach is a throwback to California’s “good old days.”

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