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March 3, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer

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Walking down the aisle of the supermarket, I automatically compared the purchases I am making versus the ones in my fellow shoppers’ carts. Bacon, pork chops, fries, frozen meals, and sweets of all kinds seem to overflow from most, and of course, the 2-liter fizzy juice bottles standing proudly upright. The age range of shoppers was a mix, ranging from young adults of 20s to seniors in their late 60s!

“So, the bad nutritional habits are not age-linked Lisa!” I told myself. I then surreptitiously checkout out the shopper’s personal profiles.. well.. sadly, their physiques spoke volumes, so to say. Did you know that over 45% of Americans are suffering from obesity? YES! While a staggering fact, it is still true.. and fast foods, frozen meals, and tons of red meat, and unhealthy fats are responsible for a lot of the blame. Why do people tend to ignore the potential danger of eating the wrong foods for the wrong reasons?

Why I say wrong reasons is this… Food should be treated more as the biofuel that runs our bio-machine.. our bodies…. Food should not be the reason for your living! I know it sounds obvious when you verbalize it like that but have you not seen people who prioritize indulging in “good food” to be their number one priority. I will say that I have seen many, and I put “good food” in quotes coz they are called good but certainly not so good, except for the temporary mouth-watering satisfaction you will get from them. “Lisa… you yourself love to bite into your dark mint chocolates….” I chided myself, “ Yes, but in moderation.. only one little square inch and that too the dark chocolates which we all know have proved its worth in the health department…” spoke back my mind in defense mode. But my defense line is true.. I do indulge my sweet tooth a bit, but always in moderation, I am careful… I choose the right sweets and keep portions small.

Do you agree that food and its role in human life should be looked at from a new perspective? I strongly feel so, if you are to live a healthy and enjoyable life past your 50s… So, here are my shopping cart ideas and aisle stops that will help you pave a path to good health and an independent and active senior life past 55.

Keep it Fruity – Yes, you heard me right! Add as many fruits as you can into your daily diets as these are packed with various vitamins and minerals that you cannot get from any other sources of food. Favor those fruits from berry family and go for fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries for instance. Of course, Blueberries top my list, packed with antioxidants that will fight the free radicals in our bodies and reduce your cancer risks. Berries and fruits of source nature are all packed with vitamin C too, a vital nutrient on its own and also for the role it plays in supporting absorption of Calcium. So, I say, pick up your berries, well.. from the fresh fruit aisle in the supermarket, if you cannot pick them straight from the bushes.

Keep it Nutty – Well, yeah, 60+ age may be the ripe age for losing your memory and going nutty, so to say. However, that is NOT necessary. Millions of 60+ adults live healthy, happy lives, with the right food choices to support them. This is why my favorite snack time becomes a chance to go nutty. That is… nutty over nuts. Nuts like almonds, pistachio, walnuts, macadamia, cashew, and peanuts are packed with good fats to fight high cholesterol and a great way to add energy to your life. Most of these nuts are heart-friendly and also ease stress, reduce inflammations, cure headaches, etc. It is an ideal snack and also a great addition to various salads and other dishes.

Keep it Green – My shopping cart is always packed with greens and veggies. Vegetables and greens are packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, beta-carotene, vitamin B-complex, vitamin-C, vitamin A, and vitamin K. They are also a great means of keeping your fiber levels high. A good level of fiber’

];/in your diet will keep you free of many colon-related illnesses and constipation. Antioxidants in vegetables and green leave help boost immunity and keep your body healthy. Not to forget is that greens and veggies are low on calories, making them ideal for weight loss. So, be sure to go green and shop for a fair bit of vegetables and greens while you are at the store.

Keep it Lean – Yes, to be lean, make sure to eat lean and by this, I mean, shop for lean meats and other lean proteins such as fish. Choose poultry and turkey over pork and lamb chops and make sure to go for skinless options. Salmon, cod, and other fish, though high in fats are in fact very good for health, since they contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Skip shellfish and certain other seafood as crab, prawn, and lobster that are known to be high in cholesterol levels, just as the organ meats.

Keep it Unrefined – What? Choose unrefined over refined? Well., Yes, that’s what we advise… this is certainly so when it comes to your food and ingredients. Go for unrefined starches as unpolished rice and flour as well as unrefined sugar to name a few. Make sure to choose whole-grain baked items over white flour. These unpolished, unrefined options are packed with natural ingredients and will also keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.

So, that was the scoop on my shopping cart.. care to let us know what’s in yours? You can do so easily by leaving a comment at the end of this article or logging in to your FB fan page and joining the chatter. If you want to be healthy and look great in your senior years, we say “Hats off to you!” but it will not just happen. If you are out of shape, and out of breath, do alter your shopping habits and go for healthy food choices.

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