The Importance of Social Media for Social Citizens

February 21, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer

The Importance of Social Media for Social Citizens

Surprisingly, based upon the newest statistics on several websites, seniors are the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook. Initially, it seemed difficult to believe, one tends to think of teenagers holding this marker, but upon research this is factual. Thanks to the availability of the internet for everyone, seniors are easily being introduced to this amazing world of communication.

Social media is no longer exclusive to teens and young adults, it is a way of life that is making the world smaller and making it simple to keep in touch with friends and family.

When you think about it, seniors probably need social media more than any other demographic. Just imagine being able to find long lost school friends and keep in close touch with relatives. Think about rekindling old relationships with high school friends. Imagine the joy of being able to look at grandchildren’s pictures – just a few minutes after they were taken – it’s second to being there. That is called instant gratification and that is what the internet offers.

A day spent without any personal interaction can remove the ‘life’ out of life. Thanks to our technological advances, social media gives seniors the ability to have fun right from the comfort of home. It is now possible for seniors to communicate with their loved ones, see heart-warming pictures of their grandchildren, and be updated on their friends on what amazing things they are up to.

If you are a senior or have senior parents or grandparents who have not grabbed this social media, now is the best time to get your own account. Social media isn’t just about communication, it’s more about sharing our everyday experiences with our friends and loved ones.

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