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Why 55+ Ladies Need to Worry About Osteoporosis

December 2, 2019 • Fenny Peiffer

What is Osteoporosis?

All women of a certain age go through menopause.  This brings their biological capabilities of childbearing to an end and in some senses, newfound freedom to their lives.  While it is all good on one front to reach this stage in life, menopause also raises the risk of so many illnesses that include osteoporosis.  Bones become brittle and weak when osteoporosis occurs.  The risk of osteoporosis is extremely high in women who go through menopause.  This is because, with menopause, the estrogen production in the body slows down.  It is Estrogen in our body that prevents the bones from becoming brittle and weak.  While it is not possible to stop menopause or the dwindling of estrogen production, you can prevent the onset of osteoporosis in other ways.

A Proper Diet Can Reduce Your Risk of Osteoporosis

Lack of calcium is a high risk for osteoporosis.  Calcium, as you know, increases bone health.  When you pass the age of 50, your bone density starts decreasing at a rapid pace.  Ensuring that you get the daily requirement of calcium can significantly reduce your risk of osteoporosis.  55+ women should ensure their daily calcium intake does not go below 1,200mg.  Furthermore, they should also ensure that their daily Vitamin D intake stays between 800 – 1000 IU.  You should also consider dietary sources that are high in calcium.  For example, broccoli and other green, leafy vegetables, milk and other dairy products, sardines or salmon and calcium-fortified foods and beverages are necessary for you.

Exercise can Reduce your Risk of Osteoporosis

If you are menopausal and want healthy bones then exercising on a regular basis can significantly decrease your risk of osteoporosis.  This is because exercise strengthens the bones and healthy bones are less likely to lose strength with age and menopause.  Therefore, you should consider exercising at least 30 to 40 minutes a day.  Walking, bicycling, swimming and strength-training exercises are excellent for your requirements for preventing osteoporosis.

Active Adult Communities Reduce Your Risk of Osteoporosis

Yes, it is true.  Why?  This is because many active adult communities are built to cater to the requirements of 55+ adults.  The builders and designers of these communities know the importance of exercise for you.  Therefore, you will find all the facilities you need to ensure an active lifestyle to stay fit and healthy.  For example, many retirement communities have walking trails and bicycling paths so that you get the daily exercise you need.  All communities have a clubhouse that typically features a fitness center and a swimming pool.  Any other recreational activity you need, you are sure to find these as well in such communities.

If you are wondering where you should be retiring, you can consider these active adult communities.  With ample time on your hands and encouragement from and participation with your community neighbors, you can keep yourself active and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Your risk of osteoporosis and other illnesses will reduce dramatically with the right foods and adequate exercise.  Here are some randomly chosen active adult communities that you can consider.  Visit for thousands of similar communities with detailed listings and links to their own web sites:

There are many more active adult communities you can choose from.  Visit our website for information on a number of communities where you can spend your retirement years.

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