Why Houston Will Be Your Best Move Yet

September 11, 2018 • Fenny Peiffer

Houston, Texas

When they said everything was bigger in Texas, they were probably referring to Houston. Whether you want to call it H-Town or Magnolia City, Houston’s sheer size in terms of population, and geographic stats pales in comparison to places like New York City, and Los Angeles. Ranked the #1 creator of jobs in the nation, with an affordability factor you won’t find in most cosmopolitan destinations, America’s 4th largest city caters to everyone from urban cowboys, and sports fans, to affluent sophisticates – but when it comes to the BBQ scene neither is likely to argue about how amazing it is.

If you’re considering a metropolitan retirement, Houston is a worthy contender. Home to the world’s largest medical facility, Texas Medical Center, and named one of the top 20 cities to retire by Smart Asset, Houston’s nest egg friendly climate scores big with baby boomers. Nothing is more exciting than the bright lights of downtown, but if retreating to the burbs is more your scene, Movoto listed Webster, and Shenandoah in its “best of” list for not just livability, but for their high percentages of senior amenities, and the number of active adults 65 or better. With a median home value of 179,400 according to Zillow, no state income tax, as well as low energy rates, this city gives you more bang for your buck.

Houston’s idea of a winter weather advisory is usually a balmy rainstorm, so if you’re looking to escape another waist-high nor’easter, the Bayou City will fit the bill. Of course, hot, humid summers might have you dreaming of hitting the slopes, but Houston has an abundance of year-round outdoor recreation to keep you chilled out, and living an active lifestyle. Buffalo Bayou Park offers 160 acres of green space, expansive trails, works of art, food and entertainment, while the Woodlands Waterway meanders through downtown boasting over 200 miles of bike, and hike trail along with 131 lush parks. A morning yoga session, and art walk come together at Discovery Green – also the go-to spot for summer concerts in the park and outdoor markets.

When in Houston, the sky’s the limit. Sprawling is the word that comes to mind when perusing a seemingly infinite selection of shops, and dining options from virtually anywhere in the world, but when the streets above get crowded, Houstonians head underground. 20 feet beneath the surface, the Downtown Tunnel System is a city within a city where you can get everything from a haircut, and a cup of coffee, to incredible Mediterranean fare in a setting reminiscent of a luxury airport. When it comes to the major leagues, it’s game on. Score a touchdown with the Houston Texans or batter up with the Astros, but wherever your loyalties lie, Houston is home to four world-class stadiums and a diehard following of devoted sports fans. Aside from fulfilling the American Dream of owning your own piece of affordable Lone Star bliss, making your way through Houston’s endless labyrinth of entertainment, recreation, and attractions (don’t forget NASA Johnson Space Center) means something to do every day of the week, and never doing the same thing twice – welcome news if you plan on sticking around!


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