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Comprehensive Review of Casta del Sol, Mission Viejo, CA

April 27, 2013 • Fenny Peiffer

Casta del Sol

Active Living Communities Review: Casta del Sol, Mission Viejo, CA – Not Your Run of the Mill Retirement Community! by Bob Sluys

I was feeling gray and gloomy. It seemed like I hadn’t seen the sun and felt it’s warmth since, well, last summer! And so, I called my friend Jim. Why? I rang him because he lives in southern California – Mission Viejo to be exact. Actually, he lives in Casta Del Sol, an age-qualified community (not that he’s an old geezer – although he’s got me by a couple of years!)
I asked, “Hey Jim, how are you?” “Awesome,” he replied. “What are you up to?” I continued. “Oh-not much – just sitting here on the balcony soaking up some sun and sipping a cool ice tea.”
I buttoned up my sweater, adjusted my wool cap and tugged on my gloves. That was it. Now I’m cranky.
“You know, Jim, I’m about done with this rain – I’m thinking of moving down to where it’s warm. Give me your best pitch why Casta Del Sol is a place I would consider moving to.”
“Gee, Bob – I don’t think you’d like living here.” That was his best pitch? I could tell right away that a career with the Chamber of Commerce was not in Jim’s immediate future.
Of course, knowing him to be the funny guy that he was, I played along.
“Ok – tell me why.”
“Well, for starters, you wouldn’t know where to start with all of the various activities we have here. When you live in Casta Del Sol you can catch lots of fish in Lake Mission Viejo – it’s only a mile away and residents here get special lake privileges.”
Hmmm . . . fishing? I LOVE fishing!
“Of course, as long as you’re at the lake you can go kayaking, row boating, paddle boating- and if you fall overboard you can also go swimming!” Really? Like I said; Jim is a real comedian!
“Wanna stay in shape? We have the OSO trail . . . it’s a great hike with incredible flora and fauna along the way.”
Stay in shape? Wasn’t “round” a shape? Besides, you have to GET in shape before you can STAY in shape.
Man; and all this time I’d thought that 55+ age-restricted communities were for people to sit and wait for the grim reaper . . . you know “God’s waiting room!” Casta Del Sol sounded more like a vacation resort destination!
“You know, Jim, I’m really interested in knowing more,” I said as I took off my wool hat and logged into Expedia to check out flights to SoCal. “Do you have fresh sheets on the bed in your guest room?”
“Come on down,” he replied!
“I’ll show you the Norman Murray Senior Center – we’ll phone in our lunch order; it’s only $4.50 and it’ll be my treat. I’ve got to drop off my taxes there anyway – they do those for free. Afterwards, we’ll head down to San Juan Capistrano, check out the swallows and on our way back we’ll pick up some goodies for the party boat cruise that’s on for tonight.”
Party Boat Cruise?
“Hello, is this ABC Realty? Yes, I’d like to have you come by as soon as possible to list my home.”
I booked my flight, listed my home and a couple of months later I was hanging out with Jim at Casta Del Sol. This place is NOT your run of the mill retirement community!
In addition to enjoying all of the activities Jim mentioned, I feel like I’m living in a Norman Rockwell painting. I can’t quite describe it other than it feels like home. Since I enjoy writing, I’m submitting articles to the Casta Del Sol Courier, an award-winning publication. I also feel good about my purchase – values are strong. In fact, right now just might be the best time to buy here in Casta Del Sol. The community, services, activities, people and location – well, I couldn’t be happier!
Why don’t you contact our resident specialists, Bob & Linda Bochniarz and find out for yourselves why Casta Del Sol is such a wonderful place to live!

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