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Advantages of Senior Group Travel

March 4, 2019 • Fenny Peiffer

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Have you waited until your retirement years to consider seeing a bit of the world? Well, it’s never too late, so pack your bags and get set, ready, go! But wait, have you considered you will be traveling with? If you are considering traveling to another part of the country, or to a foreign land, you might consider doing so as part of a group. Although this may not seem like a good idea for some, there are considerable advantages to traveling in a group, especially as a senior. Some of our more reserved seniors might find group travel hard to consider, but here are some advantages that may change your decision.

Traveling in a Group is Less Expensive – Group tours are often much cheaper than traveling independently. If you are a senior traveling on a budget, you should definitely consider group travel. There are many online offers providing discounts for group tours. Furthermore, you may be able to find cheaper airfares and accommodation for seniors traveling in groups. This way you can save money which gives you more to spend.

Meet People – Travelling in a group enables you to meet people. You are bound to meet different types of people who likely will be similar in age, depending upon your travel preferences. This way, you can socialize and get to know them and have an instant party. This beats traveling solo hands down!

Traveling with a Group is Safe – Consider your health and safety especially when in a different state or country. You do not wish to fall ill or get lost alone in a foreign place. The chances of getting lost, having an accident or, heaven forbid being robbed are lessened when you travel in a group. Furthermore, if you suffer an illness or have a problem you will have group support from your new found friends.

Traveling in a Group is Fun – Let’s face it, although your group might get on your nerves on some occasions, it can also be extremely fun. You enjoy more, see more and experience more laughter and chatter when you travel with a group leaving you with wonderful memories as well as new found friends.

Concerns when Travelling
Planning ahead is vital no matter what your travel plans are and who you are traveling with. If you have any special requirements, make sure these requirements are met before embarking on your journey. A good travel agent will make sure this is high on the list of priorities. If you are selective about your travel group, consider selecting a travel group with only over 20 seniors. If considering any outdoor activities such as kayaking or hiking, make sure you are in good physical health. You do not wish to be the party-pooper and spoil it for everyone in your group. Finally, the most important factor when traveling, whether with a group or on your own, is to consider travel insurance? This will come in handy if you have an emergency.

If the idea of seeing the world a bit after retirement sounds appealing, doing so with a group will surely make it a safe and fun experience.

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