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Boossh Launches the 5.2 Diet Meal Plan

February 27, 2013 • Fenny Peiffer


The 5.2 diet is being raved about all over the UK. This is a diet that allows you to “feed” for five days and “fast” for two. This is considered the best diet so far by many as it does not require you to change your lifestyle and literally starve yourself day in day out for the rest of your life. You can enjoy the foods you like, keep off the pounds and look fit and trim in the process. Boossh, a meal replacement diet product is produced by a company based in the UK. This Company has launched a new diet plan to help those interested in the 5.2 diet to achieve their targets and help provide their daily nutrition levels. This is called the Boossh Fast.

The New Diet Plan for the 5.2 Diet

Boossh, as a leading meal replacement diet Company, understands the importance of staying well-nourished during the “fasting” phase of the 5.2 diet. As proper nutrition levels cannot be achieved on a 500 to 600 calorie diet of conventional foods, Boossh provides its followers the perfect solution to ensure proper nutrition while still being within the required 600 calorie target. The Boossh Fast diet meal plan includes Boossh Mealpaks that provide 100% RDA in a minimum of calories. This way, you are assured of weight loss while insuring good health at the same time.

The 5.2 Diet and Boossh Mealpaks

This eating plan was seen by millions on a BBC documentary Eat and Live Longer by Doctor Michael Mosley. Since this documentary was viewed, more and more Britons are considering fasting for two days and feeding for five to achieve their dream weight, look good and improve their overall health. The launch of Boossh Fast, therefore, has been timed perfectly with Michael Mosley’s book on “The Secret to Intermittent Fasting”. Furthermore, Boossh is one of the first weight-loss companies to introduce this diet. Boossh is also conducting trials to find out just how the 5.2 diet aids weight loss and weight management. Results of these findings are expected to be out in the near future.

Although fasting is considered an unhealthy method of aiding weight-loss, Boossh disagrees. Boossh states that intermittent fasting provides the body a break from overeating and brings in many health benefits. The only problem for Boossh was meeting the required nutrition with the 500 to 600 calorie diet. Now, however, this problem too has been solved.

If you are interested in trying out the 5.2 diet, and worried about your nutritional levels with the 500 to 600 calorie intake during your fasting days, consider the Boossh Mealpaks. If you are trying out this diet, you require only 8 Mealpaks per week and information on how to use them is available in the guide on the back of the packs.

For those who are looking for new and improved AND easy ways of losing weight and looking good, Boossh is a wonderful choice. With the new and innovative 5.2 diet and the Boossh Mealpaks, you are set to achieve your weight loss goals with minimal fuss. Check out the exciting range of shakes, soups and food items that Boossh has put together for meeting your calorie needs on the fasting days where you are expected to keep your calorie intake around 600.

What are you waiting for…? Get Set Ready Go with 5.2 Boossh Plan and melt your pounds off to a healthier, slender you.
Boossh states that this eating is not suitable if you have certain health conditions. Please check with your physician before starting any diet.

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