Energy Efficient Tips to Beat the Heat

July 13, 2022 • Fenny Peiffer

Energy Efficient Tips to Beat the Heat

As we enter the lazy hazy days of summer, most of us are seeking refuge in our air-conditioned homes with our sprinkler systems running on all four cylinders. Unfortunately, as temperatures skyrocket rise so do our energy bills, and if you live on acreage, or have a large home, you might be spending a small fortune to pay for the piper. The good news is even though you may not be ready to downsize your home, there are a few energy-saving tips to help downsize your wallet.

Xeriscaping is the principle of creating a garden scape that relies on minimal watering, ideally surviving on natural rainfall. Using native plants, and hardy drought-tolerant varieties, creating lush, water-saving curb appeal is more than just rock, and a few cacti. Amend your existing soil with rich organic materials, install an efficient drip system, and watch your garden flourish with little fuss. If you’re wondering what to plant, your local nursery can help you choose flowers, and shrubs indigenous to your region.

Dine Alfresco. When the thought of turning on the oven or slaving over a hot stove has you running for the nearest Dairy Queen, utilizing a gas or charcoal grill can keep you cooking at home without your AC having to compensate for it. Beyond burgers, and hot dogs, you can whip up everything from eggs to apple pie using far less energy than the hours you’d spend firing up kitchen appliances.

Improve Circulation by installing a ceiling fan. According to, these fans save energy by allowing you to turn up the air conditioner temperature without losing your cool and cost a thrifty penny per hour to run versus almost forty cents for central air. Take advantage of cooler evenings by opening windows and placing a fan in front of them to improve airflow. Trilogy’s SheaXero homes feature programmable thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature to prevent any wasted energy and lower monthly cooling costs.

Go Unplugged. Gadgets like chargers, lamps, and whatever else spend all day connected to an outlet continue to drain energy even when not in use. Thankfully, long summer days allow for more natural light instead of relying on electric sources but take inventory of the items in your home that can be powered down, and use a surge protector for multiple items, switching it off to cut the power for good until you need it.

What will you do with your energy savings? A summer vacation may be calling your name because the only thing you should be spending more of your time doing what you love.

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