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Get away from SAD Syndrome by Considering Vacation Getaways

February 6, 2013 • Fenny Peiffer

sad syndrome

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that occurs during various seasons of the year. Most episodes of depression occur at the same time every year, usually during the cold, dull, winter months. If you are feeling uninterested in life and down in the dumps, you could be suffering with SAD syndrome. Other symptoms of this condition include sleeping more than usual and being less active than usual. It is normal to feel down and depressed during winter months. However, you should consider options that will get you out of this situation. One of the best methods of overcoming SAD is to consider a vacation getaway.

A Little Bit about SAD

This condition is also known as “winter depression”, because of the time the symptoms appear. Symptoms of SAD begin at the start of autumn and become extremely severe during December, January and February. However, the symptoms begin lessening when the days become longer and the weather turns better. Very little is known about the cause of SAD. However, it is believed to be linked with reduced sunlight exposure. Lack of sunlight can affect brain chemicals and hormones. Sunlight is believed to stimulate the hypothalamus, the area of the brain responsible for mood, appetite and sleep. Lack of sunlight prevents the hypothalamus from working properly, resulting in the symptoms of SAD. SAD can be extremely difficult to live with. You may feel stressed and unhappy and fatigued which prevents you from enjoying life. You may need to consult a doctor about your symptoms and consider the method of treatment. However, SAD can be treated successfully with light therapy. Or you can even consider taking a vacation.

Overcome SAD with Sunlight

What better way to overcome SAD syndrome than to leave the bleak winter behind and take a vacation to some sunny states.  You do not have to be away for months.  Even a week-end away from the depressing cold and gray days will help you get over these feelings.   You will feel happy and invigorated with just a couple of days in the hot sunshine.  There are a number of active adult communities that enable seniors living in the cold climes the ability to tan and relax for a weekend or more.  You can also consider 55+ Rental Communities to get away from your cold climes. If you suffer with SAD syndrome, you should take them up on their offers and consider a weekend getaway. Sometimes, even a change of scenery can do a world of good.  The Fairways at Savannah Quarters in Pooler, Georgia is offering three winning packages for two, on an exclusive Visit Savannah Getaway package.  This package includes two nights at the Mulberry Inn in historic Savannah, private tour of the real estate and golf course and dinner at Savannah Ruth’s Chris and lunch at the Savannah Quarters Country Club.  This is an excellent offer, and you should consider it soon as the offer is only till February 2013.

If you make a habit of travelling during the winter months, to avoid SAD, you should consider the expert planning and guidance of Collette Vacations.  Collette Vacations ensures you a great time irrespective of where you go.  They will ensure your luggage is safe and where it should be and handle all the finer details of travelling that can leave you to enjoy your holiday. Visit Active Adult and check out the vacation getaways listed out by our travel partners, Collette where all our 55+ site visitors can make convenient travel plans. If you wish to get away from the bleak winters and travel to any sunny state or country, you should plan your trip as soon as possible.  Getting adequate sunlight into your body ensures a better mood and a happier person.  So, say bye-bye to SAD syndrome and start packing your bags.


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