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Lock Up and Go – Be Assured of the Safety of Your Home

September 30, 2019 • Fenny Peiffer

Lock Up and Go

Going on vacation or planning a few days stay with your daughter, sister or a friend?  How do you feel about the security of your house?  Concern for the security of your home will shoot down all the euphoria you had on going on vacation or the happy times you were planning to spend with your sister or friend.  However, this need not be the case.  If you are living in a gated community and have a lock-up and go type of house you’ll be free of security concerns.

Today, in US there are now neighborhoods where people can leave their homes and be away for a couple of days without worrying about the security of their properties.  Every year, more than two million (2,000,000) burglaries happen in the USA.  This converts to four burglaries a minute.  It is interesting that a large number of break-ins happen during the daytime, not necessarily when the owners are away for longer periods.  It may happen when people leave for work, school or for shopping.  Sadly, in only about one out of eight burglaries, police can solve the crime and bring the culprits to book.

It’s no wonder that many who have to travel for their work or like to travel, prefer to live in gated communities that take the major burden of security out of their minds.  Active adults who still like to work on their own, enjoy traveling to faraway places or have to spend a couple of days in a healthcare facility for a checkup find life easy and can have peace of mind when they have the ability to ‘lock and leave’.  Spread across the country there are peaceful residential communities variously referred to as gated communities or housing estates.  Some are common interest (cooperative) communities.  But contrary to common belief, there is a wide diversity among people living in many of these gated communities.

Gated communities that cater especially for the senior citizens have a lot of facilities intended for them.  Above all, peace of mind due to security and calm atmosphere attracts many seniors to these active adult communities.  Normally the properties in the active adult communities are attached or detached single-family houses with two bedrooms, mostly single level.  They are designed considering the physical difficulties such as arthritis, rheumatism or back pains faced by some aging seniors.  Be assured that these homes have been specially designed to make your life easy.  For instance, they will have only a few steps or perhaps a ramp instead to get into the house.  Shower stalls with seats, wide doorways and convenient handrails are consciously planned.  Such homes are designed for aging in place.

The lots are quite small and typically maintenance-free or require only a bare minimum of maintenance.  Common facilities like swimming pool, clubhouse, and other recreational facilities also are designed taking the convenience to seniors into consideration.  After a tiring day, even an active young person loves to have a peaceful evening followed by a good sleep.  After living a very active life, active adults too can have a calm and peaceful ‘sunset’ of their lives without bothering much about security, maintenance and cleaning of their properties if they find the correct place to live.

There are gated communities that allow you to lock and leave… so if you are a traveler and want to enjoy life without worrying about break-ins, here are some great 55+ Active Adult communities to consider:

Now, if you were wondering as to where you are going to find information on senior living communities that allow you to lock and leave, you can see that some superb gated communities across various parts of USA are listed in  Simply browse through thousands of community listings in web site for a wealth of information that will make your home search truly productive and effective.

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