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So You’re Retired: Where to Next?

November 27, 2020 • Fenny Peiffer

So You’re Retired: Where to Next?

Remember that game where you threw a dart at a map, and that’s where you ended up? Deciding where to retire can feel a bit like that. Do you stay in your hometown, become a European ex-pat, or move closer to the family? When you’re caught up in the minutiae of which location has the finest healthcare, the best weather, and plentiful amenities it can get a bit overwhelming. To make the transition towards a fulfilling retirement, here are some important factors boomers should be adding to their checklists.

Check the forecast. Weather is a big consideration when deciding where to retire. Snowbirds may want to find a permanent retirement destination, and warm-weather states like Florida, Arizona, and California are popular locations for boomers. Some active adults prefer a four-season climate where Autumn is ablaze in color, and ski resorts beckon 55+ ski enthusiasts to hit the slopes. New England states such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont are synonymous with ever-changing seasons from blankets of fallen snow to the foliage that draws tourists from all over the U.S.

Which amenities are important? Culinary connoisseurs may want plenty of dining options, and outdoor enthusiasts might be looking for the ideal destination for golf, hiking, or boating. Research the area, or better yet become a tourist, and explore the city’s shopping venues, healthcare facilities, and entertainment. Dog owners will want to find affordable homes with backyard space, accessible dog parks, and a canine-friendly community. Cities like Austin, Texas, and Portland, Oregon areas welcoming to their four-legged population as they are humans.

There’s no place like home. Many boomers and empty nesters would rather stay put than uproot their retirement. Do you have the financial resources to maintain your home long-term, and modify it to meet your needs? Aging in place is a wonderful option for retirees, but home features like stairs, narrow doorways, and halls may be troublesome down the road and can be an expensive remodel. The surrounding community is also something to consider. Does your hometown offer services, and facilities geared towards an age-friendly lifestyle?

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