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The Highlands at Dove Mountain – Where Retirement is an Option! – Bob Sluys

May 3, 2013 • Fenny Peiffer


The Highlands at Dove Mountain where “Retirement is Optional” . . . isn’t that the coolest slogan you’ve ever heard for an active adult lifestyle community?  I think it is!  Armed with that mantra I let my fingers do the walking and called Jeff Ziegler, who as the Community Manager at Dove Mountain gave me (and now you) the inside scoop on what makes The Highlands at Dove Mountain one of the most desirable active adult living communities in the desert southwest.

Ah – I’ve gotta admit that I’m partial to the southwest.  If you haven’t been to Arizona, put it on your list now!

I don’t know if it’s the open expanses of blue sky or the landscape that might look barren (but is actually teeming with life), or the elegant giant Saguaro cacti or the mystical and spiritual vibe from ancient civilizations – heck, I think it’s all of those!

Located in the Tortolita Mountains and surrounded by the Sonoran desert, The Highlands at Dove Mountain is unique for several reasons.  At only 1,297 homes, it’s smaller than most active adult communities and therefore has a familiar and intimate feel.  Its acclaimed golf course is not only almost exclusively played by its residents, but it received the prestigious GEM designation from the AWGA in 2012.  What that means is that the course is friendly (7 tee boxes!) for men and women of all skill levels to enjoy!

Another feature that I found to be very cool is what Jeff called their “Resident Ambassadors”.

Let’s say that you . . . yes YOU want to check out The Highlands at Dove Mountain.  Just give them a call or send an email and you can schedule a visit that’ll go something like this.  A resident ambassador will give you a tour, you’ll play a round of golf, grab a meal at the Highlands Bar & Grille-in essence, you’ll have a great time without being sold to – because The Highlands sells itself.

Sounds fantastic so far, Jeff, but I’ve spent time in the southwest and I’m not gonna lie to you – it can get plenty hot during the summer months!  In fact, the last time I was down there (mid-July, as I recall), I saw a coyote chasing a roadrunner and they were both walking!  ‘Thankyouverymuch’ – I’ll be here all week . . . don’t forget to tip your waitress . . . um – where was I?

Oh yeah – the heat.

I asked him about it and he replied with “good point, Bob – keep in mind that we are located in the hills above Tucson and therefore we enjoy temperatures 6-7 degrees cooler than you might experience in the valley and Phoenix, for that matter.”

Truth be told, being from Holland (northern Europe, cold and rainy) and having been raised in Seattle (northern U.S., cold and rainy) I have ZERO problem with a nice warm and dry climate that allows me to hike and golf and play tennis and swim without wearing long johns.

I DO want to caution against washing your car at 2pm on July 31st, however.  Do that and you’re on your own.

Look – we have plenty of choices when it comes to where we enjoy our active lifestyles.  After all, the Active Adult Living® family of websites feature over 6,800 active lifestyle, age-targeted, age-appropriate, plus 55+ age-qualified communities – and each of them bring something to the table.

For my money, The Highlands at Dove Mountain has everything one could want.  It’s certainly on my own top ten list!  Why not find out for yourself!

PS – Play your cards right and I think their resident ambassadors might even spring for lunch!

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