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Save Money and Contribute to the Environement and Live at Trilogy at Rio Vista – by Bob Sluys

May 4, 2013 • Fenny Peiffer

Trilogy at Rio Vista

Hello folks, it’s me, Bob the Blogger, and I am super-pumped to tell you about the active lifestyle community of Trilogy at Rio Vista!  Now – having been around the block a few times I’ve seen a lot – and I’m not easily impressed.

What?  What’s that?  You say that’s normal – that I’m just being cranky?  NO!  Not this time!  Check it out . . .

I love writing about all the awesome active adult communities around the country.  I mean they all bring something to the table that makes our golden years exciting and enjoyable.

I’ve seen communities with stunning views!  Some are in incredible and exotic locations.  Others offer resort-like amenities that make the Ritz-Carlton look like Tom Bodette’s place . . . even if he DIDN’T leave the light on for you!

35,000 square foot club houses, golf courses, active member clubs, boating, hiking, sailing, spas, music, dancing, fine dining, hobbies – the list goes on and on.  So many choices – and I haven’t even mentioned the actual home you’d live in!

So – like I said a moment ago, I’m super-pumped to tell you about the coolest feature I’ve seen in a long time!  Are you ready?  Here it is . . .

SheaXero.  “The no electric bill home.”

That’s right.  And Trilogy at Rio Vista has it – in fact, many other Trilogy communities and Shea Homes communities do as well.

Allow me to explain, AND to tell you about the savings that you’ll enjoy!

SheaXero (pronounced Shea ZERO) utilizes photoelectric solar power technology that up until recently just wasn’t cost – effective for use in single family residences.  That technology, combined with additional focus on energy efficient construction techniques such as low-E windows, R-49 insulation and lots of other things that mere mortals like me couldn’t possibly understand make for a living experience whose time has come.

Let’s talk savings.

You’ll save money two ways: first, your electric bill will be substantially lower if not completely gone!  Secondly, and many people just don’t think about this is the fact that utility companies are NOT lowering costs.  In fact, on average, utility bills are rising on average 5% or more per year!  So, in your current situation, your $200/month electric bill could be double that in just a decade or so!

This is HUGE because most folks, once they retire are on fixed incomes!  We have budgets – yes, we want to enjoy our lives and not pinch pennies, but why throw our money away – right?

So imagine living in an energy efficient home that’s eco-friendly that saves you money that you can use on FUN stuff!  Like taking a cruise!  A new HDTV for your husband’s man-cave!  Piano lessons!  Piano lessons?  Hey – why not?  Some new golf clubs for your spouse or partner.  Oh – and monthly spa visits for your wife, too – didn’t want to give you the wrong idea.

Folks – when you move into Trilogy at Rio Vista you’ll be living green while your friends will be green with envy when you show them your electric bill – it’s almost cool enough to make someone look forward to getting older – now wait; I said almost!

Ok . . . as always, I had a little bit of fun with this, however, having SheaXero as a standard feature in your new home for NO EXTRA COST is nothing to laugh at – until you’re on your Caribbean cruise sipping yummy fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them!  Oh waiter . . . another round, please!

Even though I could go on and on I’m ending this right now.  If you have made it this far why not just visit Trilogy at Rio Vista right now?  Heck, I’ll bet that you’re already there . . . hello . . . ?  You still there . . . ?

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